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Tuesday, July 4, 2006 - News from UFO
Press release from UFO:

New studio album "The Monkey Puzzle" out in Europe on September 25th!
Release Date Germany: September 22nd
Release Date USA: September 26th

London, Paris, Tokyo, New York: there are few international metropolises where the British rock legends, UFO, haven't filled major venues. There can be no doubt that this band enjoy performing their music, combining the present with their legendary past night after night and proving that they are likely to add a few more chapters to the chronicles of rock history. The most recent stage of their long-standing career has been the release of their Showtime DVD and double live CD, recorded during their shows in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland last year. The original members, Phil Mogg (vocals), Pete Way (bass), Paul Raymond (guitar, keyboards) and recently returned drummer Andy Parker, are scheduled to start their extensive world tour in October 2006. Parker was part of the UFO line-up that performed the group's debut show in the late Sixties and has returned to replace Jason Bonham, who left to join Foreigner. Also on board is their accomplished guitarist Vinnie Moore, who has been part of the permanent line-up since the studio album, You Are Here (2004).

UFO's world tour is due to start mid October 2006 and will be the first since spring 2004, when the group travelled Europe and went on to make a brief detour to the States. New songs from their latest studio album "The Monkey Puzzle", due to be recorded in March and April at Tommy Newton's Area 51 Studios, will also be part of the set list this autumn. Newton already produced You Are Here and also recorded the concerts for Showtime. The press praised both releases enthusiastically, were impressed by the fresh and dynamic compositions on You Are Here and stressed the musicians' enthusiastic performacne that is omnipresent on Showtime.

Since the beginning of the Seventies, UFO have been among the most important international rock acts. Successful albums such as Phenomenon (1974), Force It (1975) and No Heavy Pettin' (1976) featuring the hits 'Doctor, Doctor,' 'Rock Bottom' or 'Lights Out' brought their worldwide breakthrough. Their 1979 live album, Strangers In The Night, was one of the best live recordings of all time. Their 2004 studio album, You Are Here, was voted among the ten best albums of all time by the British Classic Rock magazine, and Showtime was praised as a worthy successor to Strangers In The Night.

UFO live:
22.07. D - Burg Herzberg Festival
26.07. UK-Falmouth - Princess Pavillions
27.07. UK-Frome - Cheese & Grain
28.07. UK - Derbyshire - Rock & Blues Festival
29.07. D - Seebronn - Rock Of Ages Festival
30.07. B-Nidrum - Roots Rock Festival
05.08. South Korea-Busan - Culture Tourism Rock Festival
06.08. South Korea-Seoul - Club Catch-Light

Extensive tour throughout Europe: beginning mid October 2006 - end beginning of December 2006, confirmed dates to be announced shortly.
Posted by: Steen

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003 - Michael Schenker Quits UFO
Michael Schenker's official statement:

"Michael Schenker Quits Ufo !!! Michael Gives Back His 50 % So They Can Tour (Without Michael Schenker)Be Aware If You Buy A U F O Concert Ticket It Will Be Without Michael Schenker! Don't Be Fooled Again"

You can read Bass player Pete Way's official statemnet on Schenker leaving here
Posted by: Michael

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Friday, September 13, 2002 - MSG - Lights Out
UK label Zoom Club Records have another interesting archive release due out.
MSG - Lights Out is a limited edition one-track CD single from the forthcoming Reactivate - Live 4 CD set.
This unique version of the U.F.O. classic is recorded totally live from the mixing desk during rehearsals in the UK in the late summer of 1980 - just prior to the band's first live dates - the line-up featured is Gary Barden on vocals, Paul Raymond on keyboards and guitar, Chris Glen on bass, Cozy Powell on drums and, of course, Michael Schenker on guitar. This one track CD single is housed in DVD style packaging and limited to 1000 only.

Posted by: Michael

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Monday, September 9, 2002 - U.F.O. Japanese bonus tracks
The Japanese edition of U.F.O.'s new release, Sharks, due on September 21st, will include three bonus tracks: live versions of "Only You Can Rock Me", "Too Hot To Handle", and "Rock Bottom", recorded live in Buffalo on the 1995 Walk On Water tour.
Posted by: Michael

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