UFO - Making Contact, Headstone & Misdemeanor
In the seventies and early eighties UFO was constantly touring.  The temptations on road led to internal quarrels and Pete Way left the band on the "Mechanix" tour.

"Making Contact" was the first album recorded without Pete Way. The record was made without a bassist with Neil Carter and Paul Chapman both playing bass. Considering all the drinking and drama during the making of "Making contact" it is a triumphant record for the band and its fans.  The opener Blinded by a Lie is driven by Paul Chapman's guitars and The way the Wild wind blows is build on a great Chapman riff.

"Making Contact" might lack blockbusters like "Lights out", but it is a consistent album with a good production that holds up today. The album is often overlooked. Hopefully the re-mastering plus the value for money packaging with 3 bonus tracks can help put spotlight on the album and give it the recognition "Making Contact" truly deserves.

"Headstone" is another gem in the UFO reissue program. The LP was original a best of with both music from UFO and bands connected to UFO; Michael Schenker Group. Lone Star (Paul Chapmans band), Wild Horses and Scorpions. The first 5 live tracks equal side 4 of the original double LP. The tracks were recorded on April 1983 in London and never before released on CD. The "Headstone" CD issue features 11 tracks from the show in London 1983. The show was part of UFO's farewell UK tour and recorded at classic venue Hammersmith Odeon.  The recording is great and the digital remastering has made it a timeless concert capture.

The odd thing about UFO is that they might suffer as band and were in total pieces off stage - but on stage they sound fantastic. Phil Mogg's tone is great and his vocals are very strong throughout the entire set. Paul Chapman is no longer the new guy and his playing on No Place to Run is stunning.  

UFO wasn't burned out artistically, which Doing it All for You from "Mechanix" proves. Again Paul Chapman certainly proves that his contribution to the band's career is quite significant.

Blinded by a Lie was one of the strongest songs on "Making Contact" and it doesn't disappoint being performed live. The live version has bite and makes the crowd go wild.

Phil Mogg broke down on the "Making Contact" tour and after a recovery UFO was back. Phil Mogg had restructured the band around Paul Raymond and Mogg himself as only remaining members. "Misdemeanor" was released in 1985. So there was only a 2 year album break.

New guitar prodigy American Atomik Yommy M was to fill the big shoes of Paul Chapman and Schenker. Unfortunately the material on "Misdemeanor" doesn't let him reveal his potential. The album is wrapped up in sassy Keyboards. There had been some weakness in the UFO camp with Mogg breaking down and most band members having problems with alcohol etc. "Misdemeanor" was the first clear sign that the creativity and ideas were also drowned in the bottle.  Sadly this is UFO running on empty trying their best with an AOR inspired album.

However, "Making Contact" and the CD reissue of "Headstone" underline a vital band that musically still had lots to offer - especially on stage. A round 10 years after UFO bounced back in its original line up for another run.

Making Contact (orignal release 1983)   6,5/10
Headstone (original release 1983)           7/10
Misdemeanor (original release 1985)       3/10

Written by Michael
Monday, October 26, 2009
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Review by Michael

Released by
Chrysalis - 2009

Making Contact
1. Blinded By a Lie
2. Diesel in the Dust
3. Fool for Love
4. You and Me
5. When It's Time to Rock
6. Way the Wild Wind Blows
7. Call My Name
8. All Over You
9. No Getaway
10. Push, It's Love
11. Everybody Knows
12. When its Time to Rock (Live)
13. Blinded b a Lie (Live)

1. We Belong To The Night
2. Let It Rain
3. Couldn't Get It Right
4. Electric Phase
5. Doing It All For You
6. Long Gone
7. Chains Chains
8. Lonely Heart
9. Blinded by a Lie
10. No Place to Run
11. Mystery Train

1. This Time
2. One Heart
3. Night Run
4. The Only Ones
5. Meanstreets
6. Name Of Love
7. Blue
8. Dream The Dream
9. Heaven's Gate
10. Wreckless
11. The Chase
12. Night Run
13. This Time
14. Heavens Gate
15. Name of Love
16. One heart
17. Blue


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