UFO - No Place to Run / The Wild The Willing and The Innocent
"No Place to Run" was an extremely important album for UFO. The "Strangers in the Night" album was about to break the band in the US, but alcohol drugs etc. feared to kill the British band on top of their career. Michael Schenker left the band and even though it was a loss it was necessary for both UFO and Schenker.
Paul Chapman from Lone Star had earlier filled in for Schenker and he was asked to join the band permanently.
Chrysalis Records wanted "No Place To Run" to be UFO's big break. The band was selling loads of concert tickets and Beatles producer George Martin was hired to produce the album. The record label was determined that this album should put UFO in the major league.
Today the band doesn't feel that George Martin's polished sound was right for UFO. However, despite being released 19 years ago the crystal-clear sound does that the record justice since it doesn't sound dated. The qualities of "No Place To Run" is clearly defined by the title track. The atmospheric driving beat of the song drags you immediately.
The ballad Take it or Leave it is another highlight where UFO spans through piano, acoustic guitar and electric. Paul Chapman is a great player and the bombastic guitar solos on Anyday is his best contribution.
UFO made up for the smooth production on "No Place to Run" with the follow up "The Wild The Willing and the Innocent". The band recorded at London's AIR studio and decided to produce the album themselves redefining their classic sound. Paul Chapman was now an integrated part of UFO and he co-wrote 6 of the original albums 8 tracks.
"The Wild The Willing and The Innocent" is one of the most consistent UFO albums. 8 tracks with no fillers from the opening rocker Chains, Chains and ending with the astonishing ballad Profession of Violence.
The album is actually a good representative of what UFO sounds like today. The band really proved them worthy as Britain's best rock band after some doubted because of "No Place to Run". "The Wild The Willing and The Innocent" is the best album from UFO past Schenker era until the reunion culminating with "Walk on Water"
"The Wild The Willing and The Innocent" is a gem, but both albums are certainly are worth rediscovering. EMI has just reissued both albums as part of their UFO reissue campaign. Both CDs have extensive liner notes and previously unreleased live tracks. UFO is still going strong and will release a new much anticipated album titled "Visitor" in May.

Written by Michael
Friday, February 27, 2009
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Review by Michael

Released by
Chrysalis - 1980

No Place to Run

1. Alpha Centauri
2. Lettin' Go
3. Mystery Train
4. This Fire Burns Tonight
5. Gone In The Night
6. Young Blood
7. No Place To Run
8. Take It Or Leave It
9. Money Money
10. Anyday
+ 4 unreleased live tracks on reissue

The Wild The Willing and The Innocent
1. Chains Chains
2. Long Gone
3. The Wild The Willing And The Innocent
4. It's Killing Me
5. Makin' Moves
6. Lonely Heart
7. Couldn't Get It Right
8. Profession Of Violence
+ 3 unreleased live tracks on reissue

EMI reissues released 2009


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