UFO - You are Here
UFO is back with the follow up to "Sharks". This time we are saved of the usual feud between Mogg/Way and Michael Schenker. Guitar virtuoso Vinnie Moore has replaced Schenker and "You are Here" also welcomes another new member, namely drummer Jason Bonham.

"You are Here" also marks the return of Paul Raymond and his presence is heard for the first song Daylight Goes To Town, where his keyboards follow the guitar line. It's the most poppy song and quite catchy from the first listen.

Overall Vinnie Moore's playing has brought a groovy dimension to UFO's classic Rock. Songs like Black Cold Coffee and Call Me are characterized by Moore's groovy guitar work.

Vinnie Mores brings his own flavor to UFO with his groovy playing. He shines on The Wild One, where his leads uplift this tremendous song. His tone on the song is shrill - but still bluesy. The guitar legacy of UFO continues. Just listen to Mr. Freeze, which Vinnie Moore co-wrote. It has a heavy middle play leading to the solo, which displays Vinnie's speed.

Jason Bonham has to be credited as well for his contribution. He has his fathers groove and he sets his marks on the whole record, but in particular The Spark That is Us and he aforementioned Mr. Freeze.

The songs are mainly mid tempo songs and Phil Mogg's vocals suit those songs perfectly. He sounds fantastic on Sympathy, where his full vocals impact on the song's great atmosphere.

The obvious album closer would be half acoustic Baby Blue, but the album surprises and ends with one of the best songs Swallow. With Jason Bonham on the drums and the chord progression I cannot help to think of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. Great closer to a great album and if I may remark, what's with Phil Mogg's weakness for cold coffee?

Tommy Newton produced the album and he has provided UFO with a thunderous sound, which adds another dimension to the record.

Phil Mogg sounds fantastic. His vocals sounds very full on "You are Here" and this record is right behind Mogg's brilliant "Sign of 4" record, but better than "Sharks". Fans, who have followed UFO from the beginning, may have to adapt to this record, but "You are Here" wins in the long term. The return of Paul Raymond and the addition of Vinnie Moore plus Jason Bonham are indeed a gain.

Written by Michael
Monday, February 16, 2004
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Comment by Ken Peabody (Anonymous) - Sunday, March 28, 2004
UFO are back, and in their best form since 1995's "Walk On Water". After Two somewhat lame releases with Schenker and Ansley Dunbar on drums, I must agree that the addition of Moore and Bonham, and the return of Paul Raymond, have brethed new life into Moogs performances, and the songwriting in my opinion has dramaticaly improved over Covenant and Sharks. Although those last Schenker discs had some good songs.. You Are Here is where UFO should be, by far their best from song one too the finish...
Kenny :)-~~~~

Review by Michael

Released by
SPV - 2004

01 - Daylight Goes To Town
02 - Black Cold Coffee
03 - The Wild One
04 - Give It Up
05 - Call Me
06 - Slipping Away
07 - The Spark That Is Us
08 - Sympathy
09 - Mr. Freeze
10 - Jelloman
11 - Baby Blue
12 - Swallow

Supplied by SPV

Classic Rock

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