UFO - Obsession
 In 1978 "Obsession" was released only 8 months behind the exceptional "Lights out". "Lights Out" broke the band in the US by reaching the top 30. No doubt that there was pressure on the band to make another successful record.
"Obsession" has charm, appeal and there is something for all rock fans to be found. Album favorites are Pack it up and Go, Cherry along with the biggest hit on the record Only You can Rock me.
The music of UFO is Hard Rock but the band blends many different aspects to it meaning they generate their own brand within this genre. Phil Mogg in full voice complements Schenker's riffs just perfect. Pack it Up and Go is the best Mogg/Schenker collaboration and while the band was falling apart on the inside, the chemistry on record was magical. Pack it Up and Go is build around Mogg singing a few lines where after Schenker plays a few bars. Mogg and Schenker are like two blues guitarists trading licks.
When listening to "Obsession" you cannot overlook Schenker's influence on future rock guitarists. If you have any doubts listen to the breathtaking solo for Ain't No Baby and Born to Lose.
Bassist Pete Way helped UFO get some attention since he never said "no thank you" to a beer or ten. Pete Way was often in center at live shows but more anonymous on records. Pete Way best performance on "Obsession" is the great bass line for Cherry.
"Obsession" is a great consolation of UFO's status as one of the best bands of the seventies. "Obsession" was among the cornerstones that molded the band's longevity. Even though this album also proved to be the last studio album with Michael Schenker, Pete Way, Phil Moog, Andy Parker and Paul Raymond the demand from Rock lovers got this line up to reunite in the mid nineties for "Walk on Water".
"Obsession" stands the test of time and that is what characterizes a classic album. It's like everything comes together with great songs and a great production by Ron Nevison and engineer Mike Clink. The album is consistent, doesn't sound dated and being re-mastered it sounds amazing. The re-mastered reissue contains 3 unreleased bonus tracks Hot N' Ready, Pack it up and Go and Ain't No Baby performed live in USA 1978. Just like the recording on "Strangers in the Night" UFO proves to be a top class live act.

Written by Michael
Monday, July 7, 2008
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Comment by Alanna (Staff) - Tuesday, July 8, 2008
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What a VERY overlooked album this little gem was! Obsession is filled with catchy tunes, hot rockers and smokin hot guitarwork from Michael Schenker. "Only You Can Rock Me" is just sublime for a souped up party rock track.

Posted by Alanna (Staff)
Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Comment by giannikis (Member) - Monday, November 10, 2008
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great album!

Posted by giannikis
Monday, November 10, 2008

Review by Michael

Released by
EMI records - 1978

1. Only You Can Rock Me
2. Pack It up (And Go)
3. Arbory Hill
4. Ain't No Baby
5. Lookin' Out For No.1
6. Hot 'N' Ready
7. Cherry
8. You Don't Fool Me
9. Lookin' Out For No.1 - (reprise)
10. One More For the Rodeo
11. Born to Lose

Remastered re-issue released 2008 by EMI


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