UFO - Walk on Water
UFO had led a turbulent life after they achieved huge success in the late seventies with the classic line-up of Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Andy Parker, Pay Raymond and Michael Schenker. Schenker left the band after their biggest success - the classic live recording "Strangers in the Night".

UFO kept releasing albums with different line ups with singer Phil Mogg being the only one participating on all records. Schenker went to pursue a solo career, but in 1995 the band reunited in the classic "Strangers in the Night" line-up and recorded a new brand album "Walk on Water" for the Japanese market. In 1997 the rest of the world got to hear this album, which was a spectacular return for UFO.

The successful songwriting team Phil Mogg and Michael Schenker once again were responsible for the song writing process. Schenker and Mogg managed to pen 8 consistent and fresh songs.

Self Made Man is a punchy opener that welcomes back UFO with a bang. Pushed to the limit is in the same vein - a straight ahead punchy rock song with bouncing fills from Schenker. The guitars are in your face and Mogg is one of the few whose voice actually age better. His vocals sound darker and fuller in the autumn of his career.

Venus is one of the main factors why this album actually fulfills the almost unrealistic expectations to a UFO reunion album. Venus is a phenomenal rocker that has several layers to it with acoustic guitar, organ and Schenker´s eminent playing as the cherry on top. Venus is a newfound addition to the UFO songs the can be labeled "Classic".

Stopped By A Bullet (Of Love) is among the strongest cuts on "Walk on Water" Schenker has come up with some great riffs that are perfectly blended into the great melody. Paul Raymond's rhythm guitar provides Schenker with the freedom to add some extra leads to the songs.

I have a soft spot for Darker Days because the song changes pace and mood for the chorus. Schenker get to play lots of lead guitar and the song is characteristic for the material - a strong song with a memorable chorus.

Phil Mogg and Rock 'N' Roll animal bassist Pete Way penned the straight ahead Knock Knock, which could have been on any of the two Mogg/Way albums. Knock Knock is no brainer" straight Rock'N' Roll song and the only standard song on "Walk on Water"

The haunting mid-tempo ballad-like Dreaming Of Summer ends the batch of fresh penned songs. Again UFO plays on the whole specter with several musical pieces in the song and the use of piano and both acoustic plus electric guitar. Mogg is like a flower in bloom on this one and rarely heard better. The song differ a bit since Schenker only adds a very few leads - the solo is a just a melody line that supports the atmospheric theme of the song.

In case anyone forgot who UFO was, the band re-recorded their classic songs Lights out and Doctor Doctor. Compared to the recent MSG release "Heavy Hitters" this re-recording of Doctor Doctor has more layers and sounds fresh. Both songs sound better than the original recordings and therefore they add something extra to the album.

The band is still going strong and Schenker has quit several times since this album. Right now the status of the band is the same line-up minus Schenker, who is replaced by Vinnie Moore. However, that could change as this is written being wise after the event.

Written by Michael
Monday, February 13, 2006
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Review by Michael

Released by
Eagle Records - 1997

1. Self Made Man
2. Venus
3. Pushed To The Limit
4. Stopped By A Bullet (Of Love)
5. Darker Days
6. Running On Empty
7. Knock Knock
8. Dreaming Of Summer
9. Doctor Doctor (new version)
10. Lights Out (new version)
11. Fortune Town - Mogg Way
12. I Will Be There - Michael Schenker Group
13. Public Enemy No 1 - Paul Raymond Project

Supplied by Demon Music Group

Reissue 2004 by Music Club/Demon Music Group


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