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My top 10 Pink Floyd SongsPink FloydSandra2/9/2011
Michael's Top 10 - 2010Various ArtistsMichael1/13/2011
Brian's Top 10 Albums of 2010Various ArtistsBrian1/13/2011
My favorite workout music lately!Various ArtistsSandra1/11/2011
Stuart's Highlights Of The Year 2010Various ArtistsStuart1/10/2011
Steen's Favorite Albums of 2010Various ArtistsSteen1/2/2011
RevelationZ Top 20 Dio Tracks - A TributeDioStuart6/5/2010
21 Albums Of The 2000s Various ArtistsAlanna2/17/2010
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2009Various ArtistsTommy2/10/2010
Nina's Albums Of The Year - 2009Various ArtistsNina1/22/2010
Alanna's Year In Review - 2009Various ArtistsAlanna1/20/2010
Brian's Pick of 2009Various ArtistsBrian1/16/2010
Stuart's Highlights of the year 2009Various ArtistsStuart1/14/2010
Michael's Highlights of Year 2009Various ArtistsMichael1/7/2010
Steen's Favorite Albums of 2009Various ArtistsSteen1/5/2010
Book review: Sheriff McCoy - outlaw legend of Hanoi RocksHanoi RocksMichael9/30/2009
Best of 2009, so far . . . -Various ArtistsBrian8/11/2009
My obsession with EdguyEdguyNina3/13/2009
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2008Various ArtistsTommy2/23/2009
Book review: Rudy Sarzo - Off The RailsOzzy OsbourneMichael2/17/2009
Alanna's Highlights 2008Various ArtistsAlanna1/27/2009
Steen's Highlights of 2008Various ArtistsSteen1/19/2009
Michael's Highlights of the year 2008Various ArtistsMichael1/18/2009
Brian's Top Ten of 2008Various ArtistsBrian1/15/2009
Stuart's Highlights of the Year 2008Various ArtistsStuart1/10/2009
The State Of Power Metal MusicVarious ArtistsTommy12/30/2008
Rock Band 2 - Game ReviewRock Band 2Alanna10/20/2008
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2007Various ArtistsTommy3/30/2008
Mascot Records label portraitVarious ArtistsMichael3/12/2008
The Narrator's CurseVarious ArtistsSteen2/4/2008
A look back at 2007Various ArtistsBrian1/17/2008
Year in Review 2007 - The Best and WorstVarious ArtistsAlanna1/11/2008
Stuartīs Highlights of The Year 2007Various ArtistsStuart1/9/2008
Michaelīs Highlights Of The Year 2007Various ArtistsMichael1/7/2008
Steenīs Highlights Of The Year 2007Various ArtistsSteen1/4/2008
Heavy Metal or Heavy Meaning?Various ArtistsMichael Terrax10/23/2007
Buying Music Online. A Metal And Hard Rock Flavoured Shopping GuideVarious ArtistsTommy8/1/2007
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2006Various ArtistsTommy4/5/2007
Michaelīs Highlights Of The Year 2006Various ArtistsMichael1/29/2007
Year in Review 2006 - The Best and WorstVarious ArtistsAlanna1/23/2007
The Swedish Glam and Sleaze sceneVarious ArtistsMichael10/14/2006
London Calling! - A look at London's Rock/Sleaze/Hard Rock sceneVarious ArtistsMichael8/18/2006
Studio Report - The making of Glow Of Dawn7thornsNina6/6/2006
Alannaīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100Various ArtistsAlanna5/31/2006
Ninaīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 50Various ArtistsNina5/30/2006
Steenīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100 (Part Two - 50-1)Various ArtistsSteen5/29/2006
Steenīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100 (Part One - 100-51)Various ArtistsSteen5/15/2006
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2005Various ArtistsTommy3/27/2006
In the studio with Drugdealer CheerleaderDrugdealer CheerleaderMichael3/3/2006
Concept Albums Are No MindcrimeVarious ArtistsMichael Terrax2/15/2006
Hashmanīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsHashman2/5/2006
Alannaīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsAlanna2/2/2006
Michaelīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsMichael1/30/2006
Ninaīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsNina1/27/2006
Steenīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsSteen1/27/2006
What is the deal with the metal-vest?NoneMorten7/30/2005
Legend of the Bone Carver - Pyramaze Studio ReportPyramazeSteen4/23/2005
Tajs' Top 10 Albums Of 2004VariousTajs2/26/2005
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2004Various ArtistsTommy2/19/2005
Book Review - Metallica - So What: The Good, the Mad, and the UglyMetallicaJonah1/27/2005
Book review - AC/DC - A Definitive HistoryAC/DCJonah1/22/2005
Alanna's Top 15 Albums of 2004VariousAlanna1/21/2005
Mattīs Top 10 Albums Of 2004VariousMatthew1/12/2005
2004 in review: Michaelīs Top 20 albums and best concertsVariousMichael1/10/2005
Book review - Hammer of the Gods - The Led Zeppelin SagaVariousJonah1/9/2005
Book Review - Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Osbourne YearsBlack SabbathJonah1/8/2005
Ninaīs Top Ten Albums of 2004VariousNina1/6/2005
Jonahīs Top 20 Albums of 2004VariousJonah1/4/2005
Book review - TommylandTommy LeeJonah12/31/2004
Steen's top 20 albums of 2004VariousSteen12/26/2004
Book Review - The Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All TimeVariousJonah12/23/2004
Dimebag Darrell rememberedDamageplanHashman12/10/2004
Book review - Hell Bent for LeatherVariousJonah12/6/2004
Book review - Rainbow Rising - The Story of Ritchie Blackmoreīs RainbowRitchie BlackmoreHashman8/22/2004
Studio Report: My time with Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Randy GeorgeNeal MorseDavid6/15/2004
Movie review - Metallica - Some kind of monsterMetallicaSteen4/15/2004
Book review - The Cheese Chronicles: The True Story of A Rock and Roll Band You Have Never Heard OfGovernment CheeseHashman3/15/2004
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2003VariousTommy3/9/2004
Steenīs Top 20 albums of 2003 and other highlightsVariousSteen1/15/2004
Book Review - Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All TimeVarious ArtistsHashman10/17/2003
Book Review - Sound of the Beast - The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy MetalVariousHashman6/16/2003
Internships, a gateway into the recording industryNoneHashman5/10/2003
Reviews And Ratings, Why Are We DifferentNoneTommy3/20/2003
Bonus Tracks Or Not Bonus Tracks... That is The QuestionNoneMads3/17/2003
Ratings explained...NoneSteen2/9/2003
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2002VariousTommy1/20/2003
A view back at the highlights of 2002VariousSteen1/11/2003
Album Of The Year and other Musical Discoveries of 2002VariousMads1/11/2003
My view on Heavy MetalNoneMads7/7/2002

Daily Spotlight
Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
CoverOne of the most popular acts in the progressive metal world is the band Symphony X. Comprised of five, this is an outfit that....
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Retro Reviews

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
CoverMy first encounter with Meat Loaf was back in 1993 when I'd Do Anything For Love was at it's peak. Everybody I knew hated that song but I thought there was something intriguing about ....
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Adrian Smith and Project (ASaP) - Silver and Gold
CoverThis is one of those records, where either you love or, you just don't know what to think of it, but you can't deny there was something about Silver and Gold that just grabbe....
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