Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction
One of the coolest things about Megadeth is the feeling you get of the band always having something important to say, about world politics, social relations and humankind in general, making good sense of a critical starting point.

Rust In Peace was an intense piece of high-tempo technicality and one could argue that some of that charm is missing with Countdown; luckily these songs are so good that you don't really notice the "new" direction, this is just heavy in a another more controlled way.

When turning to a metaphorical explanation I imagine Countdown To Extinction as a heavyweight machine, slowly but firmly crushing everything in its path with precise and well thought of motions. An architecture of aggression repeatedly spreading those sweating bullets, knowing nothing about the term captive honour, bringing the countdown to extinction just before swaying to the symphony of destruction that finally takes it crashing to the ground with ashes in mouth, slowly mumbling "this was my life", OK that got a bit out of control.

Some of my favourite moments on this album are listed below:

  • The spectacular first solo by Friedman in Skin O' My Teeth, setting the standard straight.

  • The hook of Symphony Of Destruction is with good reason quite famous in Metal circles; the bass fundament in that song is so incredible tight too.

  • Dave's genius interpretation of the troubled lyrics in Sweating Bullets, a very lifelike and thrilling performance.

  • I love the melodic lick in Countdown To Extinction supporting the cool stripped down refrain, working as a lighter counterweight to a grave rhythm path.

  • High Speed Dirt fittingly adds more tempo to the record with great diverse drumming and intense split guitar solo action. Oh and the 3:34 jamming guitar break is just pure ear candy.

  • There is no way around Captive Honour, the ingenious opening gets me singing along right away and the slow groovy fashion suits it well.

  • Save the best for last they say, Ashes In Your Mouth is indeed my top favourite on this album. The wry rhythm twists, the ripping guitar moves and a phenomenal solo section flowing into a twin lead melody as sweet as honey makes these 6 minutes some of Megadeth's best.

Above I have mentioned some of the details popping up here and there, rooted in the fact that these musicians have something extraordinary to offer, call it that fifth element, which makes the songs just that inch better.

Most albums have some elements that don't work out that well; fortunately I only find a few minor aspects concerning this release. Architecture Of Aggression has a massive groove but never really takes the next step in becoming really interesting. Psychotron isn't my favourite song either with a simple build-up. The dark shrouded atmosphere is quite strong though.

From inner demons to human self-destruction the written words fairly well capture the ongoing sombre mood of the songs. They don't give themselves away too easily, which is a good thing.

The production plays an important role in how these songs come forth. The deeper and slower rhythm foundation needed to be quite heavy and raw for this approach to be fully convincing, and that's exactly what was achieved. The 2004 remastered and remixed version only sounds even tougher.

When someone mentions the words "a classic Metal album", this integrated work comes to mind naturally.

Written by Tommy
Monday, July 4, 2005
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Tommy: 8.5/10

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Rating: 9/10
Mustaine's most successful work (This record was a US Billboard hit). Symphony for Destru... · Read more ·

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Comment by Migs (Anonymous) - Saturday, July 30, 2005
Only 8,5? :)

Comment by mercy (Member) - Friday, May 9, 2008
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Comments: 4
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That's just a damn good record ! Bought it back in , was it 90' ?
and it still rock's the shit out of me...

Posted by mercy
Friday, May 9, 2008

Comment by mercy (Member) - Friday, May 9, 2008
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Comments: 4
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It was of course 1992...And it's 10 on my scale !

Posted by mercy
Friday, May 9, 2008

Comment by Modulator (Member) - Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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Comments: 15
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Posted by Modulator
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Review by notrap (Member) - Tuesday, August 11, 2009
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Comments: 55
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Mustaine's most successful work (This record was a US Billboard hit).
Symphony for Destruction was probably the metal song more played in 92.

The beginning of a new age for Megadeth. Something between their Speed/Thrash roots and a more classic Heavy approach.

One of their best releases

Rating: 9/10

Posted by notrap
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review by Tommy

Released by
Capitol Records - 1992

1. Skin O' My Teeth
2. Symphony Of Destruction
3. Architecture Of Aggression
4. Foreclosure Of A Dream
5. Sweating Bullets
6. This Was My Life
7. Countdown To Extinction
8. High Speed Dirt
9. Psychotron
10. Captive Honour
11. Ashes In Your Mouth

Bonus Tracks
12. Crown Of Worms
13. Countdown To Extinction
14. Symphony Of Destruction
15. Psychotron

Heavy Metal

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