Bon Jovi - The Circle
The new Bon Jovi album is finally here! And it's packed in a shimmering packing featuring the 90 minute "When We Were Beautiful" documentary on the band, in good and bad times over 25 years.

I remember watching TV and I saw the video on MTV for" It's my life", they had just released the album "Crush ". I was about 10 years old back then and I clearly remember that day. That song really made an impression on me - the strong chorus and the lyrics with something relatable. That's what I love about Bon Jovi; they relate to the everyday people and give us hope. The Circle is no exception.  

The album starts off with We Weren't Born To follow which perhaps isn't the right choice as a single. I wasn't exactly thrilled when I heard it. If it wasn't for the fact that I am a fan, this song would not catch my interest and make me buy the album. However, it's a very liberate and overall good song.

"The world is cracked, the sky is torn" are the first few words of the song "When We Were Beautiful" and Jon sings these words with so much emotion. It's my personal favorite on the album. It's very impressive, epic, and delightful. The chorus is huge and the backing vocals work very well, they really create a good vibe.

 The bass line in the beginning of Work For The Working Man reminds me too much of the legendary "Living On A Prayer" .  WHY? It's such a shame. However, I'm very fond of the strong chorus with the right in your face line: "who's gonna work".

Bullet is the heaviest song on the album and another personal favorite. It has a lot of drive with the more heavy riffs and Jon sings it in a very captivating way.

Brokenpromiseland is one of those Bon Jovi songs that I have to hear when everything is a little depressing. It's very relaxing and very life confirming. It starts with the gentle keys which are quite in front during the song and Richie Sambora delivers some good work on guitar.  

Live Before You Die is maybe a little bit too cliché with the "live before you die". Generally There are quite many passages in the lyrics on the album which I think are a bit too cliché or too cheesy at times.

There are songs on the album that never really leave a lasting impression like Happy Now and Thorn In My Side they are smooth, melodic and some wholly trivial songs.

I really dislike the keys in Love's The Only Rule, they are not fitting at all and no variation whatsoever throughout the song. The song gets very irritating and it holds absolutely no lasting interest.

The album ends with Learn To Love which get a bit stretched out in the end but it's a sincere and very down to earth song with the calm acoustic guitar.

I have the limited edition with the including documentary as mentioned, and it's definitely worth paying the extra money, because it's quite entertaining and you follow the band on their latest Lost Highway Tour. My personal favorite moment is when a mad and brave Irish woman went up on the stage and goes totally crazy on Jon, kissing and hugging him wildly - Her dream certainly became true that day.

The album sounds more modern and mature, however, I think the album sounds too polished at times, unfortunately. I miss more edge.  Instead of the shimmering packing I would like something with attitude like for an instance Have a Nice Day with the smiley with the wry smile - and that also goes for the music. I miss something that gets me, something dirtier!

It isn't innovative and highly impressive, but it's consistent and has some very fine moments.

Overall, a good album.

Written by Sandra
Saturday, December 5, 2009
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Rating: 7/10
After Lost Highway, The Circle takes a U-turn back towards Have a Nice Day, which makes me... · Read more ·

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Review by Steen (Staff) - Thursday, December 31, 2009
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After Lost Highway, The Circle takes a U-turn back towards Have a Nice Day, which makes me smile. It doesn't quite reach that one but it's a very satisfying album. I believe the bass line in Work for the working man is completely on purpose as the songs share themes.
Personal favorites include Live before you die, Happy Now, When We were beautiful, Superman Tonight and Brokenpromiseland. Fast Cars is the only song I find quite "bleh...".
No pretensions, just good natured rock.

Rating: 7/10

Posted by Steen (Staff)
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review by Sandra

Released by
Island Mercury - 2009

Disc 1:
1. We Weren't Born To Follow
2. When We Were Beautiful
3. Work For The Working Man
4. Superman Tonight
5. Bullet
6. Thorn In My Side
7. Live Before You Die
8. Brokenpromiseland
9. Love's The Only Rule
10. Fast Cars
11. Happy Now
12. Learn To Love

Disc 2: DVD, Documentary. Limited edition.

Melodic Hard Rock

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