Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith
Bon Jovi has released some fantastic albums through the years so when it comes down to picking a favourite one, Keep The Faith has a bunch of ultimate songs that just pushes it on top of the game.

If you want a glimpse of the power this album contains, the first minute of I Believe is a good place to start, one of my favourite build-ups to a song or album for that matter. The groove is so massive and the song just keeps feeding from an infinite energy source, illuminating everything while filling you with strength and optimism.
This is as vigorous as music gets!

Production matters are marvellously well adjusted and highly intense, giving spacious room for songs like Keep The Faith to inject a modern and experimental touch keeping the song forever sounding fresh. Jamming piano notes and tribal like drum rhythms sets a magnificent stream into flow with Richie throwing in elaborate guitar action a long the way.

The easygoing aspect of the record flourishes under titles like I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, you can just sense the amount of fun the guys had recording this mid-tempo rocker, kept simple but vibrant.

In These Arms is no less than one of the best songs ever put together. Every 5:21 minute is heaven sent and spine chilling Hard Rock with an emotional content that goes to the core of your soul. This is clearly one of the coolest party songs. I just can't help myself when the build up and everything else invites you to rock out big time.
The drive of the rhythm guitar is captivating, the different breaks roof lifting, the chorus sends it out of this world before the drum/vocal passages makes the whole song explode. Genius.

Bluesy leads and silk-like key moods set a sentimental and honest scene as Bed Of Roses shows both sensitivity and drama, stressing that Bon Jovi songs often are more complex than first meets the ear.

As a contrast If I Was Your Mother sends out a groove containing a force to be reckoned with. Heavy riffs, striking bass lines and blistering drumming is nicely accompanied by rough vocals adding up to a cool song with a kick ass vibe.

With almost 10-minute and a theme-like atmosphere, Dry County is no less than a huge epic and I like every second of it, underlining the bands diversity and massive talent.
David Bryan's inventive key/piano performance is stunning and unforgettable, Richie's soulful and creative guitar passages brilliant and Jon's singing extremely convincing.

Woman In Love is a direct track with a clear focus and pretty forceful chorus pushing it forwards, neat and kept to the point.

To start out with Fear wasn't a track I saw a whole lot of potential in, but with time the aggressive rhythm path and odd progressive twists made it grow. The verse parts oozes with a special vivid and uncontrollable force even though the refrain isn't that memorable.

It's hard to comprehend just how you write songs as amazing and heartfelt as I Want You, just a stirring and spellbinding gem. Caressing piano passages, emotional vocals presenting great symbolic lyrics, huge supporting choirs and yet again an intelligent bridge leading into a tender guitar solo.

Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll makes its entrance at just the right moment, kicking the rocking attitude back into focus with a catchy chorus and a rhythm that makes it impossible to sit still. A passionate declaration to Rock music, shining with raw attitude and tight playing.

Ending the album on a loose and relaxing note Little Bit Of Soul sees the band going into jamming mood, while not being thrilling it displays groovy passages and enhancing details.

Each expressive contribution resemble an essential piece to the overall puzzle; mixing soft with hard, slow with fast, epic with "in your face" so to speak, all getting a brilliant and firm musical handling.
The lyrics display social concern and determination while it's also a passionate declaration to both love and Rock And Roll.

Bottom line: An amazing record that makes you want to sleep when you're dead and inspires you to get the most out of life, so I'll just end with the beginning. I Believe.

Written by Tommy
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
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Tommy: 9/10

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Comment by TyleX (Anonymous) - Thursday, January 11, 2007
This album is one of the greates pop rock albums ever , And I'ld also like to add "Dry County" is by far the best Bon Jovi song ever made , Fans of progressive rock need to give that song a try becuse it's great!!!!.....9/10

Comment by Modulator (Member) - Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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Posted by Modulator
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Review by Tommy

Released by
Company: Mercury Records - 1992

1. I Believe
2. Keep The Faith
3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
4. In These Arms
5. Bed Of Roses
6. If I Was Your Mother
7. Dry County
8. Woman In Love
9. Fear
10. I Want You
11. Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll
12. Little Bit Of Soul

Hard Rock

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