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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - Die Sign Record Deal
Die have released the following news:

Today the journey that began over 2 years ago is finally coming to an end. We are proud to announce that we have landed a record deal with none other than the elite death metal label Unique Leader Records. The 'Rise of the Rotten' album will be released worldwide on march 16th 2010.
We look forward to working with Unique Leader Records on this release, and so far the responses on the album have been great. We can't wait to unleash this roaring beast onto the world, so mark your calendars with a nice blood stain on march 16th.
Brutality will be knocking at your door!
Stay Brutal!
// DIE
Posted by: Steen

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Monday, March 23, 2009 - DIE studio update: Album ready for mixing + looking for record label
During the holidays the remaining recordings for the upcoming DIE debut album entitled 'Rise of the Rotten' has been completed. This marks the final pages of a journey that began more than a year ago for the band members Rasmus Henriksen (Panzerchrist), Jonas Møller, Søren Christensen, Tajs Kolman and Bent Bisballe Nyeng.

See our website for photos from the various recording sessions:

The raw material has now been sent off to Tue Madsen (Aborted, Exmortem, Gorefest, Kataklysm) at The Antfarm Studio for mixing and mastering.

Already at this point the album sounds better than we could have imagined, and we can't wait to hear the final product once Tue has worked his creative magic. We will collaborate with him during the coming weeks to ensure that we get the DIE sound just right.

We want the best, which is why we chose the Antfarm Studio to support the intense compositions of DIE. The production will be seconded by Jacob Olsen who has also been our live sound engineer for quite some time.

The cover illustrations will again be handled by the creative mind of Tony Sandoval (who also did the coverart for our 2005 demo 'Relentless Pain' ), and the final cover layout will be made by Lars Bisballe Jensen.

Next up is for us to find a suitable record label to release and handle this monster. More on that later...

Rest assured, we are finally getting a glimpse of the finish line.

Brutality is Coming - soon!
Stay Brutal!
// DIE
Posted by: Steen

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Monday, May 19, 2008 - Die announce new singer and issue studio update
Vocalist of DIE, Simon Pedersen, has decided to leave the band to focus on his other band Fairytale Abuse and his family. Simon has been an integral part of DIE and our music as frontman since the birth of the band, and he will be missed by us and many others. We support Simon in this difficult decision (it's tough to reach 30) and we wish him and Fairytale Abuse all the best in the future.
The search for a new singer ended quickly when we found Søren, a young musician with a voice that we all believe will be a perfect match for DIE. Listen to an excerpt from the title track from "Rise of the Rotten"
here for an idea of what to expect. Here is a message from the guy himself:
Hey everyone out there!
My name is Søren Christensen. Now I live in Fredericia, I'm 21, and I hope I can live up to everyones expectations and keeping it DIE! I am very excited to be in the band! And anxious to get the killing started, in form of gigs!
So get ready! We will come and destroy your town!
Horns up!
See you all out there!
This makes the current lineup of DIE: Tajs Kolman, Jonas Møller, Rasmus Henriksen (Panzerchrist), Bent Bisballe Nyeng (ex-Panzerchrist) and Søren Christensen. The recording of our upcoming debut album, "Rise of the Rotten", proceeds as planned and as the mixing and mastering will happen at the Antfarm Studio (Tue Madsen), it will end up sounding as good at it possibly can. Søren will record the vocals and we are sure that the final product will kick some serious ass! We believe that his vocal style will benefit our music greatly and cannot wait to let the rest of the world hear and see what we are about.
Brutality is coming!
Posted by: Steen

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008 - DIE seeks new singer
Simon Pedersen has chosen to leave DIE to focus on his other band, Fairytale Abuse, and his family. We are sad to see Simon go since he has been a vital part of our sound, style and history since the beginning. We support Simon in this difficult decision (it's tough to reach 30) and we wish him all the best in the future. Simon leaving the band will have no influence on the recording of DIE's first album, Rise of the Rotten, which will proceed as planned.

DIE's concert with Gorefest and Crucifix at Voxhall the 19/3 will therefore be the last one with Simon so come party with us and let this be a farewell concert of epic proportions.

Because of this we are now looking for a new singer in DIE. We are looking for a serious and skilled singer with lots of stagepresence. If you believe that you have this, feel free to drop us an email.
Posted by: Steen

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Other information

Die was founded during spring 2005 by the members Bent and Tajs. They had long been playing around with the thought of making a death metal band, and at this point it seemed appropriate to do so. Simon from Fairytale Abuse was a close friend of the band, so he quickly became involved with this new project. Simon has a way with growls and screams which suits Die very well. And combined with Tajs' expert guitar sawing and Bent's drum beating sprees you have an old-school, yet inventive band which draws its influences from both the technical masterpieces of our brother country Sweden and the old-school American death metal sound.

Thus, Die was formed.

A home-produced demo track called Life Eraser was recorded during April 2005. This was the very first song to be concieved from Die. The band decided that a 3-track demo should be recorded as soon as new compositions fell in place.

Soon hereafter Rasmus joined the band on guitar and Jonas joined in on bass. With the band now consisting of 5 members, they decided to record the demo Relentless Pain holding the songs Bone Crusher, Relentless Pain and Life Eraser(re-recorded solo version). The final demo was printed and released to the public during autumn of 2005. It was well recieved by critics.

Spring 2006:
New, technically improved, material is currently cooking for the upcoming live shows throughout Denmark.

For more information on Die visit their official website. You can also download their 3-track demo in our Media section.

Added by Steen - 1/21/2006

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by Charly Gangrene (Anonymous) - Wednesday, February 1, 2006
DIE "Relentless Pain"
Indie / Demo Cd
Country: Denmark
Review by: Charly Gangrene

I'm glad to still, be able to find underground bands delivering the goods, that is the case of Denmark's very own "DIE", a band I discovered thanks to the guy (artist) who made the cover artwork, such cover is as dark, violent and provoking as the name of the band itself; both imagery and aural assault go hand in hand here. These young Danish death-heads conjured a 3 song monster that spews pure, in your face death metal, they could not be wrong by choosing a suitable title for their demo cd "Relentless Pain".they deserve credit for a really well-thought material that never lets down as you go track by track, there's an undeniable old school vibe here and there where the listener can easily identify genre defining influences as well as some resemblance to some death US style acts but hey, don't get me wrong, the band shows a competitive, well defined musicianship and arrangements reflected in every song, these elements make "Relentless Pain" a good invest of your time and hard-earned cash, if you're hungry for real death metal look no further, DIE is the band! They don't use keyboards or clean shitty vocals, DIE executes aggressive, riff oriented death massacre! Track 1 opens with a gloomy intro to kick right off with "Bone Crusher" where its main riff and double bass move is a head-banger beast, totally cool! Track 2 opens with a massive blast beat wall devastating everything in its path, the drummer (Bent) sounds precise and pummeling, his talents are obvious in every tempo change and double kick, I have to comment on the guy's patience and dedication to his instrument, just take a look in their web site to the process of thinking, assembling and morphing of his drum kit, I would give it up the first 2 minutes! That shows real commitment, which is rare these days in the metal realm.

Another stand out point is their singer (Simon) who delivers power, aggressiveness and emotion, yes, emotion! But only in the death metal way, he definitely sounds punishing and violent, contrasting the guy's young, peaceful appearance! The cd cover album as previously mentioned, is amazing, inlay, band photo, production, sound, you get the whole package here, their lyrics are written in the death metal tradition, this is not your everyday death metal, this is kick ass stuff for real death fans, there might not be new horizons to be explored in this cd but the 3 tracker will definitely become a regular spinner in my cd player (as well as yours if you get the demo!) they also earned a new fan in me, for this reason, so should you do the same, as a demo Cd, this is a serious contender, the main challenge for DIE will be the making and recording of a full-length and I have the feeling it will be a success and emerge as a winner in the death metal camp, too damn bad they live in Denmark, we need a band like this over these shores!

Review by: Charly Gangrene (previous web site,
Mail contact:

Comment by Bent Bisballe Nyeng (Anonymous) - Saturday, February 4, 2006
Thanks for the nice review.

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