Forbidden - Twisted into form
This is one of my all-time favorite Thrash Metal albums. It was the first Forbidden album I heard and it just blew me away many years ago. Today it is still a great example of technicality, tightness, speed and melody taken to a higher level. The songs are very well composed. Creative riffs, guitar solos, wild breaks and intense vocals all swirl around in a tighly controlled musical mayhem, making for a very compact record with no fluff, only quality music from start to finish.

Gently easing the listener into a state of trance with peaceful acoustic guitars Parting of the ways also has a slightly foreboding feeling to it and it serves as a nice intro before Infinite blasts off. Gallopping drums and aggressive guitar riffs play ping pong with your head and as the soaring vocals of Russ Anderson enter the song you find yourself on the way to the stratosphere. The guitar solo is a killer. In fact all the guitar solos on this album are very impressive and serve their purpose. They are inventive, melodic and worth listening to.

Russ is able to reach some insanely high notes. He doesn't do this often through the album, but when he does you will think, Wow!. Besides that his voice has a real primal feel to it. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it fits the music extremely well. The rythm section is as tight as it gets. The two guitarists Craig Locicero and Tim Calvert complement each other perfectly, sharing solos and riffs in a very entertaining way. Paul Bostaph's drum work is fabulous. Seriously, focusing on the drums on this albums is both challenging and rewarding.

Nothing bad can be said about any of the songs on here but my personal favorite is the title track. It takes its time and builds up a great energy that is let loose when the genius chorus arrives. Again the drum work deserves a mention. R.I.P. is almost 8 minutes and will take much longer to absorb. Opening with an unlikely bass-line the song soon takes the thrashier route and goes through many interesting passages on its way to... peace?

Other stand-out tracks include fast paced slayers like Step By Step and Out of Body, which will leave you breathless as well as the slightly less frenetic Tossed away, which has a cool atmosphere and another awesome guitar solo part. One Foot In Hell has a really cool, held back and intense feeling to it as well as a lengthy shared guitar solo part.

The lyrics are as aggresive as the music and mostly deal with the decline of the human race through subjects such as religion, government control and poverty, often served with a pinch of irony to get the message across.

Overall the album is a total attack on your sense, only slowing down for the brief acoustic interlude a couple of times and returning to the fray soon after. Forbidden is one of those sadly overlooked bands that never got the recognition they deserved. They disbanded in 1998 after releasing four studio albums. The musicians on Twisted Into Form are all highly talented and some of them have since gone on to become members of major bands like Slayer (Paul Bostaph) and Nevermore (Tim Calvert) while others have formed new bands.

I think I have praised this album enough. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I saw it the other day at the online store The Laser's Edge.

Written by Steen
Thursday, April 7, 2005
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Rating: 9/10
Forbidden was one of the best Bay Area Thrash bands. Only exceeded by Testament or maybe ... · Read more ·

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Comment by metalman (Anonymous) - Saturday, April 9, 2005
never heard of them before
but thanks for introducing them to me,awesome stuff


Comment by Antonio (Anonymous) - Monday, March 13, 2006
Alguna vez escuché por ahi a un fa decir antes de que salieran a tocar Slayer que se sentía una atmosfera bastante heavy...como si fueran a ser masacrados por los riffs; pues bien, asi quedé cuando terminé de escuchar a este excelente album. Es increíble el tecnicismo que ahi esta plasmado, el acoplamiento y el poder que demuestra Forbidden. Debo comentar que el principio del album me recordó a algunos albumes de Metallica (los primeros 4) por su intro tan melódico,con esa guitarra acustica tan melancólica que te atrapa desde el principio...Parting of the ways. De pronto algo estalla en el ambiente, es como una bofetada sonica que te deja ver lo que viene mientras te azota; agresividad total! la segunda rola es como una continuacion de una cuenta pendiente entre el escucha y la banda... la continuidad de la agresion. En la tercera entrega viene la mesura pero sin disminuir el poder para dejarte sin aliento. Me parece que la cancion Twisted into Form es bastante innovativa desde un punto de vista musical, pues hasta la fecha no he escuchado algo parecido al estilo ahi plasmado. despues viene otra acustica: Spiral Depression que en realidad lñe hace honor a su nombre por sus notas tan mmm ¿oscuras? y vuelve el ataque auditivo con Tossed Away..una rola muy intensa! el album cierra con una excelente cancion llamada One Foot in Hell que es una crítica directa a la religion desde todas sus ramificaciones que por cierto tiene en su intermedio una plegaria que proyecta angustia y temor hacia la inexistencia de esa fuerza superior que llamamos Dios; vaya, en ella al final se nota una angustiosa necesidad de que en realidad exista! en fin, un disco que no deben de dejar pasar sin checarlo! J.A.B

Review by notrap (Member) - Friday, October 30, 2009
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Forbidden was one of the best Bay Area Thrash bands.
Only exceeded by Testament or maybe Exodus.

After the excellent debut Forbidden Evil, Twist into Form showed a band in a clear evolution.

Special credits to:
Parting Of The Ways
Step By Step
Twisted Into Form

Smart thrash, Excellent musical performances, Excellent vocals and definitely a trash masterpiece!

Rating: 9/10

Posted by notrap
Friday, October 30, 2009

Comment by Craig (Member) - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
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I think this album has a much better balance than the debut, but the debut has the better individual songs. Two excellent thrash albums though. The new songs they've released so far sound very promising too!

Posted by Craig
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review by Steen

Released by
Relativity Records - 1990

1. Parting Of The Ways
2. Infinite
3. Out Of Body (out Of Mind)
4. Step By Step
5. Twisted Into Form
6. R.I.P.
7. Spiral Depression
8. Tossed Away
9. One Foot In Hell

Thrash Metal with a twist

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