Savatage - Streets - A Rock Opera
The most important thing about music is that it has to make you feel something, that's nevertheless my opinion and if there is one thing this album does to you, it is to make you relate to the moods captured in this fascinating opus.
Feelings can be brought to life with either music, lyrics or a combination of the two, Streets is a unique masterpiece on all fronts.

With its creeping mood and dark wings slowly reaching around you, the opening title track invites you into the dim streets. Haunting choirs and tense keys enhance the thick atmosphere, a quite long but also very striking composition.

And so the story of D.T. Jesus begins, Jesus Saves is a hard hitting composition that has some wonderful guitar twists, intelligently mixing relaxing acoustics, raw riffs, sharp licks and piercing solo spots, this album has the best guitar performance ever by the best guitarist ever.

Tonight He Grins Again is a slow and very emotional creation, I simply love the sensitive piano melody and Jon sings like his heart was bleeding.
The change in pace, moods and emotions is one of Streets biggest strengths. Strange Reality takes onto a more rocking path, having an absolutely brilliant chorus part with a very bright guitar riff.
And with A Little Too Far we are once again back into slow motion, Jon's passionate vocal performance is remarkable through the entire album, just listen to him deliver this piece with an astonishing variation of strength and vulnerability.
Next up is the up-tempo rocker You're Alive being yet another example of just how much different music you get with this disc. It goes right into Sammy And Tex, which is even more aggressive and glowing with intensity, some really powerful drumming from Steve Wacholz in this one.

The desperation felt by our main character comes fully to life in the symphonic St. Patrick's, a sad and quite sedative song that fits amazingly well as a buffer zone between some otherwise very harsh pieces.

I always get a very special feeling when I hear Can You Hear Me Now, it portraits a lost soul so immensely vivid and tragically that it just becomes so easy to relate to. The driving chorus line is one of my favourites ever and the rich mystic atmosphere is pure magic too.

New York City Don't Mean Nothing presents a harmonious refrain that just invites you to sing along but suddenly the calm beginning gets smashed to the ground by some cool deep bass lines from Johnny Lee Middleton and some tense underlying drumming.

The sound is perfect, very clear and still with a lot of depth, it has a special very expressive feeling to it, matching the music and story to perfection. Ghost In The Ruins is a song where the amazing production does a phenomenal musical experience justice; the mid-section in this song gets me every time. Technincal drum fills, spectacular bass lines, a brilliant acoustic guitar background and Criss playing what is one of my favourite guitar passages ever, ingenious and ultra melodic. His playing leaves a message of sadness that is much louder than words could ever tell.

Jon has always been a genius behind a piano and If I Go Away presents some of his best melodies and I simply love the emotional guitar licks accruing from time to time. The songs bridge leading into the magical guitar solo is no less than huge and once again I must point out the personal meaning the lyric has to me, despair and longing captured in the most profound way.

Agony And Ecstasy forcefully sets in with the last punch of aggression coming from a heavy guitar riffing and a tight rhythm section.

Heal My Soul is a short mesmerising piano piece coupled with Jon's reassuring vocals and soft angelic background choirs, fantastic mood once again.

The genius of Somewhere In Time is hard to describe with words, as goes for the rest of the album by the way. The catchy verse parts sound brilliant and the symphonic interplay between huge keys and harmonious guitar leads shows just how much talent this band posses both musical and compositionally.

Believe.well what is there to say, a song not from this world and I'm not afraid to admit that I have actually cried while listening to this one. It perfectly sums everything up displaying spellbinding guitar arrangements and breathtaking vocals. The lyrics reach the inner corners of my soul, about touching other people and letting them touch you, about love and hope. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful songs ever, having one of the most moving passages:
I am the way, I am the light, I am the dark inside the night, I hear your hopes, I feel your dreams, and in the dark, I hear your screams, don't turn away, just take my hand, and when you make your final stand, I'll be right there, I'll never leave, and all I ask of you believe.
As with the rest of the album it goes straight to your heart and leaves an everlasting impression.

The album has everything, drama, sadness, joy, frustration, love, hate, a spiritual message and
the lyrics are perfectly sung by Jon, he really puts his soul into these songs and it all just sounds so honest and real.
Every person involved performs with amazing skill and I can do no other that surrender, this is magical masterpiece.

This album is down right perfect and serves as an everlasting and warm memory of the great Criss Oliva. I will always hold this close to my heart.

Written by Tommy
Friday, December 17, 2004
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Rating: 10/10
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Rating: 7.5/10
Broadway meets Metal. A nice concept record with some highlights. However I think Stree... · Read more ·

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Comment by paul cormier-usa (Anonymous) - Wednesday, January 9, 2002
streets is so defining of all the talent that had come to that point resulting in an album i only wish everyone could hear ...criss was so truly a genius who had so much to say ill never forget him and i hope someday to make sense of all that life is i hope someone reads this and remembers criss and the gift of life we are blessed with long live savatage oh streets is king of the mountain eh!!!!!!

Comment by D~Tox (Anonymous) - Tuesday, December 2, 2003
Streets is my favorite savatage cd
I got my nic name D.T.'s character
Because I o.d.ed at a concert and I had long brown hair and Looked like Jesus. So that just clicked.
But it feels like this cd is my life Plust you have to love the story line/lyrics

Comment by Noah (Anonymous) - Saturday, December 18, 2004
Savatage is such a pure talent with amazing lyrics & "Streets" is such a great story!...This album is a must have for any hard rock fan it's one of the greatest album's ever made , As is any Savatage C.D. this and "Edge Of Thorns" are my personal fave's!!!!

Comment by Christopher (Anonymous) - Monday, December 20, 2004
You're right on the money about "Believe." Definitely one of the best and most emotional songs I have ever heard or expect to hear. The perfect conclusion to an epic album.

Comment by CT (Anonymous) - Monday, December 20, 2004
I could not have said it better myself! A perfect album!! Just a little hint here: Check out the alternate versions and accoustic songs on the rereleases of the old Savatage CDs to get even more from this masterpiece. Especially the song Desiree (featured on the rerelease of Streets) should have been in the original release.

Comment by david-spain (Anonymous) - Tuesday, January 11, 2005
hey folks, just an opinion: isn´t it true that "believe" guitar solo section is maybe the most glorious guitar-passage ever writen in rock music?
I really love this album, what else i can say

Review by Steen (Staff) - Wednesday, March 30, 2011
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Comments: 518
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Rating: 10/10

Posted by Steen (Staff)
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review by notrap (Member) - Saturday, June 18, 2011
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Comments: 55
Ratings: 66
Broadway meets Metal.

A nice concept record with some highlights. However I think Streets needed more heavy songs.
I prefer the previous record (Gutter Ballet) and the next one (Edge Of Thorns).

Not a masterpiece like Operation Mindcrime but still a classic.

Rating: 7.5/10

Posted by notrap
Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review by Tommy
Savatage - Streets

Released by
Atlantic - 1991

1. Streets
2. Jesus Saves
3. Tonight He Grins Again/Strange Reality
4. A Little Too Far
5. You're Alive/Sammy And Tex
6. St. Patrick's
7. Can You Hear Me Now
8. New York City Don't Mean Nothing
9. Ghost In The Ruins
10. If I Go Away
11. Agony And Ecstasy/Heal My Soul
12. Somewhere In Time/Believe

Bonus Track
13. Desirée

Symphonic Heavy Metal

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