Tuesday, February 24, 2004 - Chris Caffery solo album news
Chris Caffery (Savatage) has revealed more details about his upcoming debut solo album, "Faces", due in September through Greece's Black Lotus Records.

The two-disc set will consist of two parts, one called "Faces" and the other "God Damn War". "When you open the CD box, 'Faces' will be on the left, 'God Damn War' on the right," says Caffery. "Similar to a mini box set, where there is a fold in the package. 'Faces' will be 16 songs, all pertaining to myself lyrically and personally. It is about 80 minutes long and very schizophrenic. Dark, light, happy, sad, 'Faces'... 'God Damn War' is 10 is a brutally heavy war opus. In feel, it resembles 'The Wall'. Yes, it is a concept CD. But a concept CD of many different faces."

According to Caffery, "God Damn War" will feature a "story" which will "tie the songs together and make it flow like a rock opera. . . Its main concept is for me to get a chance to make the one heavy metal CD I never had a chance to make. I love SAVATAGE. I love DOCTOR BUTCHER...BUT, I never had a chance to get all of my love for heavy metal out of my system. Not that this would be the last heavy thing I would do...BUT I just feel I have to record this CD now. It will hit you like 10 tons of bricks. BEWARE..."

Posted by: Steen

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