Tuesday, August 20, 2002 - The next Savatage album
The new album of Savatage is well under way and it is will be a return to the dual vocals they used in the past. Mr Oliva said that: "Savatage with Damond is a more aggressive band. Damond is much more aggressive than Zakk; he brings different things to the table for what we're looking to do in the future. He's very versatile. He covers my stuff perfectly, and when he covers Zakk's stuff, if I close my eyes I can't tell the difference. We've discovered some great things about Damond's voice, so it'll make the new record a lot better. The fans have accepted him, and he's brought some youth into the band which has been a real kick in the ass for the rest of us. We're in preproduction right now, just compiling material that Chris and I have written. We're back to two voices, splitting the material evenly. As far as direction goes, I think half the record is pretty much going to be what Savatage fans expect, and the other half is going to wander in directions that I've been experimenting with. I've been playing with string instruments and tuning guitars to them, and it's weird because you have to learn how to play guitar again. But, once you find the chords you end up with some really interesting overtones. There will be symphonics, but they'll have more of an edge, especially with Damond in the band."

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