Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth
Are you in to J.R.R Tolkien and concepts albums? Then you have come to the right place brothers and sisters. This is one of the coolest Blind Guardian albums ever. The complexity of the tracks is vast, and so is the tracklist, which counts 22 tracks. About half of them are small interludes or instrumental tracks, and the 'real' tracks are being supported by these interludes, which in turn create a great conceptual album.

The spoken intro "War Of Wrath" is as great on this album, as it was in Wacken 2002 (Don't you think so Tommy? hahaha). The track "Into The Storm" is one of the 22 reasons why I rate this album as high as I do. This track has everything a Blind Guardian track should have. The fast parts and the hard vocals, the cool guitar solos, the grand choirs, and the hard and brutal vocals of Hansi, and so much more.

The next real track is "Nightfall" and it's just as brilliant if not more brilliant than "Into The Storm". This track has a really cool vibe, with a nice start and the brutal chorus part. The track also has that medieval sound combined with the power metal that I like, nah crave so much.

This album is made as if you are reading a great book; it takes you through all sorts of emotions, everything from rage through anger into despair that leads us to gloom. This album hasn't got a happy end; it's a rather gloomy end.

The music is some of the coolest I have heard from the hands of Blind Guardian, and at times this is my favourite Blind Guardian album, because of the brilliant sound of the music and the lyrics. The fact that the power metal tracks are filled with so much energy and power makes me sit back in amazement and wonder how these four guys do it. How do they come up with some many complex tracks without repeating themselves over and over, I am totally flabbergasted when I listen to this brilliant album.

Another great thing about the album is all the bonus information you get through the stories written in the booklet (unfortunately for many it's written in German). I really like when a concept of this magnitude offers the listener some extra story to read.

The lyrics are so great and fit the dark and medieval concept of the album, and also the brilliant music. A track like "Blood Tears" almost brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it. I really don't know why I like this track so much, I guess it's because of the mood of the track; It creates such a real scene in my opinion. I think it's because it has both the calm parts as well as the bombastic parts.

Also tracks like "Mirror Mirror" and "Time Stands Still" are brilliant and powerful and offer me so much joy when I listen to them, that I can't help sing along. Both tracks have cool choruses and killer guitar parts.

Some of the softer tracks are excellent as well. Tracks like "Thorn", "The Eldar" and "A Dark Passage" have the feelings that provide the right atmosphere for the very tragic story we have here. And that helps the album achieve the high level of music that is on offer here.

In my opinion this album is the flagship of Complex Power Metal. On the other hand this band is the only one I know that plays this kind of music (perhaps Rhapsody could fall under the same category). In my opinion this album has so many things to offer that I really can't list them all here. With these brave words I will leave you, see you all at nightfall...

Written by Mads
Friday, January 17, 2003
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Profile pictureSteen (Staff)

Rating: 9/10
I will always remember that magic moment in Wacken 1998 when Blind Guardian played right b... · Read more ·
Profile pictureModulator

Rating: 10/10
Very important cd for me. ... · Read more ·
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Rating: 10/10
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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by A. S. Longland (Anonymous) - Wednesday, March 12, 2003
All you say in these articles is true, not normal truth but a higher "I have listened to these songs over and over again.." truth... Everyone can write a article.... But if you dont like all forms of music and still write a music article then it can not count.... Over four times did I get ice down my spine, its because everything that you wrote did I recognise as my opinion... My inner thoughts about Blind Guardian.... And yes, I somtime sing when I hear "Mirror Mirror" and "Time Stands Still"... It cannot be helped :)
Thanks for a great article i realy enjoyed it!!!!

Comment by Steen (Staff) - Friday, March 14, 2003
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Comments: 518
That's great to hear!

Thanks for the comments.

Posted by Steen (Staff)
Friday, March 14, 2003

Comment by ramesh jung thapa (Anonymous) - Thursday, March 27, 2003
in fact nightfall in middle earth isthe excellent album ever heard.the tracks like nightfall,mirror mirror,blood tears,time stands still,thron n almost r brilliant so blind guardian keep it up

Comment by carnifex (Anonymous) - Monday, September 8, 2003
what about The Curse Of Fëanor that song kicks serious ass, its the more "Heavy Metal" track in the album along with When Sorrow Sang, "noldor" that song is very beautiful and moving (great lyrics)

Comment by David (Anonymous) - Saturday, September 13, 2003
I'd just like to say that I found your reviews quite helpful. I am a large fan of other such bands as Rhapsody and Kamelot, and after seeing you rate this album higher than anything heretofore mentioned, I got the album. And I just have to say that Blind Guardian is spectacular, especially this album. These are the kind of songs you can play over and over again, and they evoke such feelings and emotions with their great melodies.

Thanks for introducing me to the band, as it were.

Comment by Mads (Anonymous) - Sunday, September 14, 2003
Well you are welcome... I think this is one of the best albums in 1998 in has everything and then some...
Mads Aanum

Comment by kris s (Anonymous) - Friday, September 26, 2003
a super super super album 10!!!!!

Comment by J.G. (Anonymous) - Friday, October 24, 2003
Excellent album. After having read "The Silmarillion" it's even better. Push play on your music box and start reading at about chapter 6. It's fun to pick out references to Maedros, Ungoliant, Melkor, and the rest.

It's also fun to tell the losers who tell you to turn it down to get lost, you're studying classic literature. ;)

Congrats to BG for managing to make a brilliant "soundtrack" for the book. Even those Tolkein fans who aren't normally metal fans can enjoy this one. For those who like both, this album is a real treat.

Rating: 9/10.. don't napster this one, buy it!

Comment by Hyena (Anonymous) - Wednesday, November 5, 2003
This is what Blind Guardian is capable of. A cool album even to me, who didn't like Silmarillion so much... Well, I'm glad these guys did when this is the outcome!

You can listen this album as a story or then skip the bridge parts and concentrate in the music. Works both ways.

Compositions are typically of highly complex type and of equally high quality. And these men know how to play it! This is nothing easy listening metal. The more you really follow the music the more you get from it. This is what the term POWER METAL means!

Increase in effects perhaps told what to expect from the next album. However this is still Blind Guardian, easy to recognize, very unique.

Comment by Ramesh Jung Thapa (Anonymous) - Monday, November 17, 2003
Blind guardian is the greatest Band that I've heard ever.The songs like Nightfall,Mirror MIRROR,.........and all are extreme.

Comment by metal hero (Anonymous) - Wednesday, March 17, 2004
good sound good production not as good as a night at the opera but there are classics on it curse of feanor for example woth buying

Comment by Leslie (Anonymous) - Monday, June 7, 2004
My first power metal, blew my mind away (though that has happened several times). Wow! What an intro to power metal, these guys are great!

Comment by marcels (Anonymous) - Saturday, April 2, 2005
this is the better band all the times, this band emotion me, becausse this band have all the albuns wonderfull. I sorry for the other band, but this band is beautiful

Review by Steen (Staff) - Monday, December 2, 2002
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Comments: 518
I will always remember that magic moment in Wacken 1998 when Blind Guardian played right before Savatage. The sun was going down and it was starting to get dark. Blind Guardian were close to the last song before Savatage took the stage. They were playing the epic Time Stands Still and then, suddenly the sky was ignited with a huge shower of fireworks. This was supposed to have happened as Savatage played, but the schedule had been delayed and apparantly someone saw it fit to release it all at that moment. It was a very special feeling standing there listening to Blind Guardian playing this epic song while the sky was filled with brights bursts of color. A magic moment there... To quote Chip Z'nuff: "Awesome fireworks display out there!"

Nightfall in middle Earth is a fantastic album, but my favourite Blind Guardian album is still, the ultimately more powerful, Imaginations from the other side. My favourites include the powerful Into the storm, the majestic Nightfall where Hansi's voice send chills down the spine, the epic Time stands still, the beautiful The Eldar, the speed metal attack When sorrow sang softly, the complex A dark passage and of course the brilliant and melodic Mirror mirror

But I must complain about the liner notes, which are written in German! No! This is all wrong and I don't understand a word of what they say... A plea to Blind Guardian: Next time you want to include a story like this, please consider your Danish fan who did have German in school, but somehow forgot how to both read and speak it. Maybe it was due to excessive headbanging...

In short, this is a fantastic album with a special atmosphere and one of a kind Power Metal.

Rating: 9/10

Posted by Steen (Staff)
Monday, December 2, 2002

Review by Modulator (Member) - Friday, January 9, 2009
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Comments: 15
Ratings: 19
Very important cd for me.

Rating: 10/10

Posted by Modulator
Friday, January 9, 2009

Review by Mads
Not available

Released by
Virgin - 1998

1. War Of Wrath
2. Into The Storm
3. Lammoth
4. Nightfall
5. The Minstrel
6. The Curse Of Feanor
7. Captured
8. Blood Tears
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Face The Truth
11. Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
12. Battle Of Sudden Flame
13. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
14. The Dark Elf
15. Thorn
16. The Eldar
17. Nom The Wise
18. When Sorrow Sang
19. Out On The Water
20. The Steadfast
21. A Dark Passage
22. Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)

Complex Power Metal

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