W.E.T. - W.E.T.
Prepare yourself for a true sensation.

Now sensation might be a strong word but I sincerely think it's necessary to include when having to measure up this unforgettable release.
Work Of Art, Eclipse and Talisman members Robert Säll, Erik Martensson
and Jeff Scott Soto has teamed up and put together something truly extraordinary.
So what can you compare this to, well there are some of the three mentioned bands here, then you can add Journey, Bon Jovi, Pink Cream 69, Gotthard, Dogpound and in a very slick way W.E.T. somehow adds a new dynamic modernism to the traditional Melodic Rock/AOR genre.
There's just something about the huge, ballsy and yet detailed and sensitive sound...something about the unique meltdown of heaviness, mellow sentiments and overflowing catchiness...something about the utterly thrilling musical performances.
Jeff Scott Soto burns like a wildfire, sounding bigger than life itself. His performance surpasses every possible expectation and I simply can't believe anyone can sing with this kind of conviction and soul. Best vocal performance ever? It might be.
Erik Martensson is the main creator of these songs and his guitar playing is splendidly varied and crisp. So in other words you'll find the most striking riffs, the coolest hooks and most delicate key arrangements coming your way in an never-ending stream.
I can't think of any album that in the same persisting way demands you to sing along from start to finish. Invincible lets you in straight away with its delicious melodic flow. The enticing midsection is especially tasty and reached a climax as Jeff screams out Baaaabyyyy right before the heavy drums crush everything to the ground. Take this as a warning of things to come.
The first time I listened to One Love I knew this was something special and here 30 spins or so later I still can't get enough of its groovy, heavy beat just pounding forwards. Crisp drumming and a thundering guitar solo are other essential ingredients while Erik Martensson's backing vocals gives a nice contrast to Jeff's more rasp pipes.
Now you might be thinking that the blistering opening of the first two songs can't possible be overdone but Brothers In Arms is of the same incredible standard, hitting like a sledgehammer with all guns blazing right at you.
The slower section gives you time to breathe before Jeff's voice burst wide open once again, he sounds absolutely awesome here.
Come Down Like Rain sets in at just the right time, a slow and hypnotising masterpiece with keyboard structures building up an incredible authentic mood.
The best thing about this one is how it makes you feel, its melancholic depth just tears at your soul and leaves you totally broken.
Running From The Heartache took more time to settle in, it's also a dark tale with a shattered heart lying helpless in the cold. The smooth bass playing lines out a slow tempo, but that's the whole idea, you can't run "from the heartache to come", it decides how long the hurting must last and this atmospheric song captures it so painfully well. The last 40 seconds are simply outstanding.
Kick the door down and scream out I'll Be There as loud as possible, now this is what I call a change of events. Like a giant beam of light shooting out through the atmosphere this composition is simply huge and again the groovy bass work add that extra texture.
Damage Is Done is perhaps the albums most atypical song, it's socially conscious lyric is actually quite refreshing (a climate and world inequality wake up call) and the line "this is my belief" will forever have a new meaning. The delicate background piano is a clever detail even though you could say that the song lacks a more exciting drive.
If you are looking for a power rush to get your blood pumping I would suggest a round of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. This is muscular, fully loaded kick ass Hard Rock, not my favourite track but essential for the album's overall vibe.
That extra special element: Definitely the immensely cool way Jeff sings "I had enough of the double standards"...you go man.
And now for something completely out of this world, One Day At A Time has in my humble opinion the quality to become the best ballad of all time. Every second feels just right and its emotional capacity is all embracing with haunting lyrics of the finest kind. "Are you there, in a way you're not"...oh, I'm here all right and taking in every bit of it. Just a small element as the stirring keyboard closure is essential, here you get a most needed moment to let the whole thing settle in.
And then you're back in the real world with a big cracking bang as Just Go pounds away, AOR keys and double bass drumming all over the place. At first I didn't take too much notice of this one, my attention was directed at the other songs that stood out right from the start, but it has developed into a shining star of its own. The awesome guitar solo is simply fantastic and the songs positive drive goes straight in.
And the miracles keep on coming. My Everything is a perfect execution of a Melodic Rock fantasy. I suggest a listen at around 1:42 where a completely amazing background choir lift the song just a bit higher. The main riff is both smoking hot and candyfloss delight at the same time while the catchy chorus sounds down right majestic. 3.19 minutes of sheer, unrestrained ecstasy.
If the album had ended now I would have been thrilled... but they just had to throw in the 6-minute wonder If I Fall.
The delayed backing choirs sounds no less than phenomenal while the leading piano melody and crushing drumming sets out a steadfast path to follow. I can't think of any single thing that could have improved this song, W.E.T. has somehow found Rock perfection.
Conclusion: A new standard has been set; this is the benchmark that all Rock music has to be weighed against. I'm overwhelmed by the quality of this entire release, overwhelmed and by all means ecstatic. How fast can you guys mix together another one?

Written by Tommy
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
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Tommy: 9.5/10

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Rating: 8.5/10
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Rating: 8.5/10
This is the AOR Rock release of the year in my opinion. Not much more that can be said tha... · Read more ·
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Rating: 8.5/10
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Comment by Steen (Staff) - Thursday, November 26, 2009
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Comments: 518
Brilliant album. Without doubt the melodic rock highlight of the year. If the new Stan Bush album doesn't come out this year I doubt anything will match it.

Posted by Steen (Staff)
Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review by Little Drummer Boy (Member) - Wednesday, December 23, 2009
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Comments: 166
Ratings: 46
This is the AOR Rock release of the year in my opinion. Not much more that can be said that the reviews that have been posted. I am hard pressed to pick a clear cut favorite from this one. The first 4 tracks and the last one were the immediate standouts (and I mean blew me away type of standouts) for me on the first couple spins.

"If I Fall" is right out of the mid 80's journey era. A perfect ending to a great release :-)

Well I have to say I am not sure what the Journey crew were thinking when they ousted him because they could have had something special with JSS at the helm. But then again good thing or else we may not have had the privilege to indulge in this great release.

Rating: 8.5/10

Posted by Little Drummer Boy
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review by Tommy

Released by
Frontiers - 2009

1. Invincible
2. One Love
3. Brothers In Arms
4. Come Down Like Rain
5. Running From The Heartache
6. I'll Be There
7. Damage Is Done
8. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
9. One Day At A Time
10. Just Go
11. My Everything
12. If I Fall

Melodic Hard Rock

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