D:A:D - Riskin' It All
This was my first D:A:D album and in fact the first time I really started taking notice of Rock music back in the day. 1991 to be more exact. This album along with Metallica's black one was my introduction. From there things developed quickly.
There are some strong feelings tied to this album and taking it down from the shelf is like revisitng an old ageless friend. Nothing has changed. It's still the same party-fuelled energy bomb I discovered in '91 and it still has the enchanting hint of... I can't quite name it, but it's a kind of unpredictable energy that roams around, giving it life. Maybe because the songs are inventive, the lyrics have a good deal of humor and the overall sound is very retro-like. There is a special sound to the guitar that suits the music, some punk undertones in the vocals and a simplicity to the drums and bass (tight, not too loose) that mesh extremely well.
D:A:D have created their own (b)ranch of Rock and this album is among their finest cattle. I would like to Moo loudly, but I'm not gonna.
D:A:D are good at creating a specific atmosphere right from the first note of their songs. A few examples: Down that dusty 3'rd world road (Bluesy and hungover) Grow or Pay (Sincere and thoughtful), Bad Craziness (Party time!) or Day of Wrong Moves (Laid back and unconcerned). The songs take up various issues, mostly with a funny outlook and you can't help but being caught up in this slightly twisted world.
Grow or Pay was the song that first caught my ear. The simple main melody is effectively executed with a memorable guitar sound and evolves through the song. It's extremely catchy with a hint of melancholy.
I'm reading Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries at the moment and it's funny (or maybe not) to notice some similarities in the lyrics to Bad Craziness. It is a total party song but there's a strung out feel to the lyrics.
Some other favorites include the acoustic Laugh 'n' a 1/2 which is an open invitation to sing a long anytime, anywhere and D*Law with its superb groove and funny lyrics.
In general the songs are pretty down to earth and easy to learn. You won't find the most advanced music here, but good, clean, entertaining party rock is the deal. The fact that I still listen to it after 17 years is proof that it grows old well. A classic in my book.

Bonus stuff - Check out these videos:

Bad Craziness

Grow or Pay

Laugh and a 1/2

Written by Steen
Saturday, September 6, 2008
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Steen: 8/10

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Comment by Tommy (Member) - Tuesday, September 9, 2008
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Ha ha, lets hear a loud Moo... don't hold back now ;)

Well put down review, I very much agree, it's simply just a fantastic Rock album with quite a few different moods supplying a mature counterweight to the silly (but fun and clever) stuff.

Rock 'n' Rock Radar has something very vigorous to add and Bad Craziness is one hell of a party anthem.
It's going to be exciting to hear the new Monster Philosophy released on November 10th.

Posted by Tommy
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Review by Steen

Released by
EMI - 1991

01 - Bad Craziness
02 - D-Law
03 - Day Of Wrong Moves
04 - Rock 'n' Rock Radar
05 - Down That Dusty 3'rd World Road
06 - Makin' Fun Of Money
07 - Grow Or Pay
08 - Smart Boy Can't Tell Ya'
09 - Riskin' It All
10 - Laugh 'n' A 1/2


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