Virgin Steele - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Part Two
The Marriage saga is more a concept about themes than one actual story, this one being even more challenging and breathtaking than the first part.
The best way of describing what this is all about is to go a bit deeper into the songs, and let me just say that they all have brilliant moments to offer, an impressive and general high standard throughout the entire album.

After a long symphonic intro A Symphony Of Steel sets in with tons of unleashed power and hard-hitting energy. Highlights being the compact drumming and the melodic twin guitar solo.

Crown Of Glory has a prominent place as one of my all time favourite Virgin Steele tracks. The bombastic intro is over the top hypnotic and the brilliant break featuring thrilling drums sounds phenomenal. The heavy rhythm guitar has a special force to it and the symphonic mid-section with some striking piano tunes coupled with David's divine voice is something truly extraordinary.

The short instrumental From Chaos To Creation creates a very pleasant mood with its successful use of grand keys and slow driving rhythm.

Twilight Of The Gods follows a straighter path, packed with technical bass chords and intense guitar riffs, I only wish the chorus was more captivating. When talking about captivating, the acoustic ending theme in the next song Rising Unchained is just immensely atmospheric and gets me every time, and yes the first 4:51 minutes of the song is brilliant as well.

Transfiguration has some of the best key/piano compositions David has every written, I'm still amazed of the moods this man can create, and when he adds his sedative and warm voice it becomes magical.

Prometheus The Fallen One is a huge epic with a thick and dark atmosphere. The slow mid-section is shrouded in dramatic vocals and the subsequently lead guitar lick must be one of the catchiest ever, fabulous stuff.

Emalaith, well words come short here, this is in the category of best song ever, an almost 10-minute perfect composition that is emotional, spellbinding and ingenious. The drums are unbelievably detailed on this one and the bass has some cool creative passages. I will leave this song with a line from the amazing lyric, an unbelievable talented man this David DeFeis: Emaliath dies alone in the night, a kiss on the wind she leaves me. Out in the fields where everything dies, will we be lost forever? From death and darkness love was born, and love survived and created Light.

With the power ballad Strawgirl the extremely symphonic climate is brought forth to create another dream world scenario. The catchy keys in the middle of songs sounds completely fantastic and the striking chorus bind everything nicely into a whole story.

Devil/Angel is an extremely fast and aggressive cut, the rhythm guitar sounds totally electrifying and like it's on the brink of explosion. The thrilling guitar solo fits right in and even though it follows a quite simple path the details are in no shortage. Not the albums most intriguing track but very powerful.

Unholy Water offers a high grooving profile, accompanied by some divine key passages and a relaxing guitar solo.

A hard and direct approach is found in Victory Is Mine, a rocking verse and a bombastic chorus part complement each other nicely.

The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Revisited is a shorter and more electric track than the first sequence found on Marriage One, the leading melody being in the same vein. An extremely melodic piece that has a certain sedative effect, this is music that doesn't even need words, it talks straight to you.

The entire album just seems to flow very naturally, having a great balance of speed, slow cuts, mid-tempo groovers and long epics. Another thing I really love is the minor "known" parts from other songs that pop up here and there; it binds things together in a very unique and innovative way.
The musical performance is top notch all the way,

Different exciting themes like love, spirituality, the power of will and the strength of belief make this album very relatable and highly useful, written in a unique, beautiful and intoxicating poetical style.

The production gives a lot of room to the keys that work splendidly; overall the sound is crisp, rich and quite vigorous. Still the drums could have had a better and clearer profile and the bass a higher mix.

Even though I have listened to this one extremely often, it continues to sound fresh and inspiring, this is music that has everything. A perfect mix of passion, heaviness and divine symphonies.

Written by Tommy
Monday, June 14, 2004
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Tommy: 9.5/10

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Rating: 9.5/10
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Rating: 5.5/10
I respect David DeFeis. He's making music since 81. However in my opinion Virgin Steele i... · Read more ·

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Comment by Cristóbal (Anonymous) - Tuesday, August 5, 2003
Better than part one. This album is a document of power and emotion with lots of melody. Most of the tracks are simply amazing. My favourite tracks are:
A symphony of steele, Prometheus the fallen one and Emalaith.
Virgin Steele is one of the best metal acts.
Rating: 9.5/10

Comment by s4revok (Anonymous) - Friday, September 26, 2003
Virgin Steele at their best.This is a genuine masterpiece for an album.

Comment by Warlord (Anonymous) - Thursday, February 26, 2004
I get chills down my spine every time I listen to Prometheus the fallen and Emelaith. A true masterpiece!
"Bury me beside the endless sea, raise my ashes to the wind"

Comment by Alanna (Staff) - Thursday, June 17, 2004
RevelationZ Staff

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Comments: 245
Agh do I ever love this cd. Many many hours have been clocked in and well - its just a piece of magic. My favorites are the distinctive melodic groove of "Unholy Water" and the divine "Marriage of Heaven and Hell Revisited", an instrumental piece so beautifully haunting, laced with sorrow that it literally brings tears welling up in my eyes when I listen... essential, and a great review here to boot. I completely agree with the score, can't argue with a classic.

Posted by Alanna (Staff)
Thursday, June 17, 2004

Comment by Gabriel (Member) - Friday, October 24, 2008
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Comments: 21
Ratings: 0
Virgin Steele "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part I and Part II"


I consider this fantastic double concepts(not a unique story like "Invictus",a real "Spin-Out"or if you prefer "Spin-Off"of the Marriage Saga)one of the Peaks of the (Golden)-Metal History together with "Operation:Mindcrime"(the second chapter is good but inferior to the first part,anyway a real sequel,not like "The Black Halo",undervalued and sequel of "Epica"of Kamelot:i've express largely my opinion about this concept),"Brave New World"of Iron Maiden and "Headless Cross"and"Heaven and Hell"of Black Sabbath.
David DeFeis and Edward Pursino evolves the sound of"Noble Savage"(Savage Cult Album of the True Epic-Metal)into a dynamic,inspiring,energetic,powerful,articulated Epic-Metal full of Carnal Mysticism,Sweeping Enthusiasm,Human Divine Vision and Blakian/Wagnerian Grandeur.
This is the"State of Art of Epic-Metal",in my Vision the "Nobility of Golden-Metal",where Metal becomes Real,Pure Gold.
"Invictus"is the natural and "tigerish"evolution of this Monument of Metal Art and reaches new peaks of extraordinaire Barbaric-Romantic Metal Expression and the other albums explore new excting frontiers and territories of Dramatic,Cinematic and Visionary Epic-Metal(like the last superbe"Visions of Eden").

Long Live to Virgin Steele and the True Epic-Metal!

Antonio Giorgio.

Posted by Gabriel
Friday, October 24, 2008

Review by notrap (Member) - Saturday, March 26, 2011
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Comments: 55
Ratings: 66
I respect David DeFeis. He's making music since 81.
However in my opinion Virgin Steele it's the most overrated band on this website.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Part Two it's an average record, nothing more.

Rating: 5.5/10

Posted by notrap
Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review by Tommy
Virgin Steele - The marriage of heaven and hell - Part two

Released by
T & T - 1995

1. A Symphony Of Steele
2. Crown Of Glory
3. From Chaos To Creation
4. Twilight Of The Gods
5. Rising Unchained
6. Transfiguration
7. Prometheus The Fallen One
8. Emalaith
9. Strawgirl
10. Devil/Angel
11. Unholy Water
12. Victory Is Mine
13. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Revisited

Symphonic Heavy Metal

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