Vicious Rumors - Soldiers of the Night
Vicious Rumors' debut album from 1985 shows a band with huge potential. The album is filled with energized and melodic Heavy Metal from start to finish. While the band would go on to release even better and more acomplished albums this was the beginning, and it is definitely one that deserves to be heard.

By 1985 standards and all things considered the production is good. It gives the album a solid foundation with a thick and heavy guitar sound, the drums are pounding and the vocals have a screaming edge to them.

This is the only Vicious Rumors album with Gary St. Pierre on vocals. With the follow up, Digital Dictator, his job had been taken over by the incredible Carl Albert. Gary does a great job on these songs and I like his way of singing which sounds like he really lives inside the songs.
The drums are kept under tight control by Larry Howe, who has recently returned to the band after many years of absence. And there was much rejoicing...
Geoff Thorpe and Vinnie Moore on guitars leave nothing to be desired. Heavy riffs and sparkling solos are abound. This is also the only Vicious Rumors album Vinnie Moore plays on as he parted with the band due to musical differences. Dave Starr completes the rythm section with solid bass lines throughout.

After the guitar-heavy instrumental intro the sound of a motorcycle rides off into the distance in the best Manowar fashion. Ride is a head-on assault of both guitar and drums. The guitar takes the crown with a fierce display of power in both riffs and solos. This song goes all out and leaves the listener breathless and splattered all over the highway. Gary St. Piere also gives a great, sort of manic performance. A real smasher.

Medusa gets down and dirty with a brilliant and very heavy riff. The opening guitar solo reminds me of things Savatage would do on their Hall of the Mountain King album one year later. A crushing heavy song which would have killed more effectively if the chorus had been more memorable. But that is the only thing this song lacks.

The bombastic Soldiers Of The Night will have you banging your head in tune with the heavy riff as you sing along to this very melodic and capturing song. The guitar lays down a mean base riff while a simple but effective choir adds to the heaviness. Definitely a highlight.

A short atmospheric intro, and Murder screams off into the distance at breakneck speed. The song is not so memorable and among the weakest on the album. For some reason the sound is slightly muddy on this song. Headbanging ensues again as the heavyriffic March or Die charges forth with a cool chorus and grinding guitars.

The speed increases once again as Blitz the world splits the air. Simple but effective with some blazing guitar work. Check out that solo! The guitar gets really fired up during Invader which is almost a 3-minute guitar solo.

In Fire has a very melodic nature while keeping the speed high. This is one of my favorites which has just about everything, including a sparkling bass performance. Domestic Bliss stands out from the rest by being a slow atmospheric track that kind of creeps up on you slowly and makes for a nice diversion. Blistering Winds puts a knock-out ending to the album with a combination of speed, heaviness and frantic performances by all.

Soldiers of the Night is an excellent debut, but it does lack some of the finish that the later albums have. The album has a great feel of spontaneity to it and shows that Vicious Rumors has that special talent of marrying heaviness and melody into something unique. Power, intensity and melody all battle for the front seat on this purely Metallic ride. Catch it if you get the chance!

Written by Steen
Thursday, June 2, 2005
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Steen: 7.5/10

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Comment by Chris (Anonymous) - Saturday, August 20, 2005
This was the album that got me hooked and made me a loyal follower til I moved to a not so great state. I was good friends with these guys. This is just an incredible album from the open riffs to the closing riffs..

Review by Steen

Released by
Shrapnel Records - 1985

1. Premonition
2. Ride (Into The Sun)
3. Medusa
4. Soldiers Of The Night
5. Murder
6. March Or Die
7. Blitz The World
8. Invader (Instrumental)
9. In Fire
10. Domestic Bliss
11. Blistering Winds

Heavy Metal

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