Iron Maiden - Live At Donington
Recorded at "The Monsters Of Rock"-festival at Donington Park in 1992, is the 3rd(!) live album released by Maiden in 1993. A bit too much I think. But there's a video-release of it as well. That kind of makes it worthwhile getting.

There's not much to say about this double album. Originally released as a limited edition Double-CD, Double-cassette and Triple-vinyl. Now in the remastered version, it's available to everybody, and now with booklet and decent cover. Something the original release lacked. A lot! Even though many of the numbers are can be found on the previous release, "A Real Live Dead One", this is a different recording. You haven't heard these song anywhere else before. "But is it good enough, to spend my hard and well earned money on?", you ask. Yes and no. Yes, because it's a great recording that really captures an entire Maiden show. And some of the songs are really great live-versions. And no because you have all the tracks on the previous album(s). Except "Wrathchild", that for some reason isn't on "A Real Dead One". Strange! This is definitely a fan release. You still have doubts? If this will help: Adrian Smith appears as guest on the last track. Quite cool. But 3 guitars? That will never work. J

Written by Ulrick
Saturday, July 13, 2002
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Ulrick: 6/10

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Comment by Chase the Ace (Anonymous) - Friday, April 11, 2003
Crap recording work on this cd
sounds the same a "A Real Live dead One"so if ur looking for a good live madien album get "Live after Death" or "rock in rio"

Comment by Lane (Anonymous) - Thursday, July 24, 2003
3 guitars will never work?! Wrong. Brave New World was just the band's first with triple guitr assault, so wait for the next one and HEAR!!!

Comment by Sean (Anonymous) - Saturday, April 28, 2007
How many of the original vinyl records were released?

Review by Ulrick
Iron Maiden

Released by
Iron Maiden - 1993

1: Be Quick Or Be Dead
2: The Number Of The Beast
3: Wrathchild
4: From Here To Eternity
5: Can I Play With Madness
6: Wasting Love
7: Tailgunner
8: The Evil That Men Do
9: Afraid To Shoot Strangers
10: Fear Of The Dark
11: Bring Your Daughter.
.To The Slaughter
12: The Clairvoyant
13: Heaven Can Wait
14: Run To The Hills

1: 2 Minutes To Midnight
2: Iron Maiden
3: Hallowed Be Thy Name
4: The Trooper
5: Sanctuary
6: Running Free

Heavy Metal

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