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 Iron Maiden - Virtual XI
JypsyRock's Rating: 10/10

If you have not given this album a chance yet, either because it is not Bruce on vocals or you don't like the album cover or are missing out on the VERY BEST Iron Maiden ever! No joking here, folks. Yes, it is better than Piece Of Mind and The Number Of The Beast and that is an incredibly high standard. This album absolutely rocks and you must give it a chance. Every song is brilliant and i listen to the whole thing over and over and over and never get sick of it or skip over any songs. I truly believe that Steve and the boys reached the pinnacle of their careers right here with this album. Awesome choice with Blaze, Steve (no offense, Bruce...i love ya man). The Angel And The Gambler is the best song ever by
Iron Maiden and don't even listen to the guy who dropped the earlier post. Wow man, you have no taste. I'm talking this song is an absolute masterpiece! The Clansman is fantastic also and truthfully the whole album rocks all the way through. History will have the final word on this album and it is a travesty that it was not
marketed better or whatever the hell reason it only sold 84,000 copies in the USA and a million worldwide. Ironically, this bands' finest work through and through somehow became their worse selling album. I tell everybody i know to listen to this album and they won't for some damn reason. Well, it is their own loss and i am not going to beg them. By the way, the synthesizers were an awesome idea...they fitted in perfectly and complimented the songs. My final words are...thank you Iron Maiden for taking the time to put together an exceptional compilation. Blaze Bayley, you have a kick ass voice and did a tremendous job. A perfect 10 album. Not 9.0 or 9.5...this album is a perfect 10.

Original rating by Ulrick: 5/10
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notrap - 5/10 - Link to review
Little Drummer Boy - 4.5/10 - Link to review

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