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 Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
angelripper84's Rating: 7/10

I think that the last Iron Maiden was Seventh Son...that's because that band did manage to catch a real magic feeling with pure heavy metal.What can we say for albums such as Piece of Mind and Powerslave(my favourite...).However during the 90s they had a loss of direction.Steve Harris wanted so fucking much to write again a long time epic masterpiece such as Rime of the Ancient Mariner but the inspiration just didn't come!!!After a lot of LPS i can say that Iron Maiden truly want to make the step forward!!!Except the two first songs that are not so good the LP is pretty cool!!!Coming Home is a great lyrical song and...God...the voice of Bruce rocks...As for the Starblind...what is this???Mastodon like guitars???I think that Iron Maiden shall follow this path or else they will be a great hevy metal band...of their time.The choice is theirs...

Original rating by Stuart: 7/10
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Other member ratings:
Craig - 7.5/10 - Link to review
guitarman - 8/10 - Link to review
notrap - 6.5/10 - Link to review
Little Drummer Boy - 6.5/10 - Link to review
vaguemartin - 6.5/10 - Link to review
LemmingDeMerciless - 3.5/10 - Link to review

 Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus
angelripper84's Rating: 1/10

I can understand the loss of inspiration, however that LP was a proof that Morbid Angel don't respect their followers...If you want to be experimental u have to do it the right way.It high time we gave respect to some bands that achieved that like Metallica and In Flames...Friends you must listen to the new LP of Hate Eternal-masterpiece!!!

Original rating by Stuart: 2.5/10
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