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 Allen Lande - The Battle
Pombo's Rating: 9/10

magnificent album, one of the best i've heard so far

Original rating by Alanna: 9.5/10
Link to original review

Other member ratings:
Modulator - 10/10 - Link to review
Steen - 8.5/10 - Link to review
Dark Lord - 9/10 - Link to review

 Allen Lande - The Revenge
Pombo's Rating: 9/10

only two words can describe it - "AMAZING". hehe!!

Original rating by Alanna: 9/10
Link to original review

Other member ratings:
Tommy - 8/10 - Link to review
Modulator - 9/10 - Link to review
Dark Lord - 8.5/10 - Link to review

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