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Favorite Bands

the beatles im a hardcore lennon fan savatage of course maiden priest sabbath and all other rock gods out there

Favorite Albums

anyone lennon did sava (streets gutter ballet)

About me

im a tattoo artist and all around family man with a passion for great music

savafan4ever's Ratings and Reviews

 King Diamond - Conspiracy
savafan4ever's Rating: 8/10

all in all the best diamond album to date loved merciful fate but like diamond on his own better

Original rating by Steen: 8/10
Link to original review

Other member ratings:
notrap - 8/10 - Link to review

 Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime - Remastered and Expanded
savafan4ever's Rating: 10/10

all i can say is (masterpiece) pure and simple

Original rating by Hashman: 10/10
Link to original review

Other member ratings:
JoiRide - 10/10 - Link to review
Steen - 9/10 - Link to review
notrap - 10/10 - Link to review
Sandra - 9/10 - Link to review
Little Drummer Boy - 9.5/10 - Link to review

 Zebra - No Tellin Lies / 3 V (2 on 1)
savafan4ever's Rating: 9/10

this was a great band that never got the recognition they so much deserved. i would of liked to have heard more from them i wonder what they are doing now.

Original rating by Brian: 7/10
Link to original review

Other member ratings:
No ratings by other members

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