Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader
Hot damn! It takes one unexpected surprise of a metal album to coax out exclamations like that and really mean it. Ross the Boss was known as one of the main components that made Manowar in the 80s but left the band after six albums. There was a long silence until a few years ago when he hooked up with some musicians to play Manowar cover tunes, and he realized that he wanted to continue making music.
So now we have his solo album, a massive slice of 80s Manowar style epic thundering metal that slams and jams but has a decided sense of soul electrifying through it. "New Metal Leader" is a pompous, and a little hopeful for a title but after a few listens to these tracks, you'll likely agree that he does indeed have it in him to become just what the title portends.
The sound also encompasses bits of his past works in Shakin Street, as you can hear he has a second sense for popping melodies that work in a metal setting. This is very much a classic metal album, screams and cutting guitars all intact. It rushes the blood and brings back the glory.

"I Got the Right" is a slamming metallic anthem, pierced with screams and thunder shaking bass. "We Will Kill" is another slicing piece that has the power of a battle axe coming down in the heat of battle (a "Hail and Kill" revival perhaps). Patrick Fuchs is no Eric Adams (who is?) but he can certainly belt it with the best of them.

The dramatic "Sign of the Hammer" style cut "God of Dying" is dark and razor sharp. "Death and Glory" has the speed metal niche down pat with some surprising guitars and a chorus that assaults the listener, and is quite reminiscent of Edguy.
"Blood of Knives" is no holds barred metal and is jammed with nods to Manowar and Ross' true metal past. It's like 1985 all over again. Mixing it up beyond the warriors and bloodshed themes are "May the Gods Be With You" that carries the torch from compact melody driven pieces such as "Carry On" and the Spanish guitar flourishes for "Matador".

Will "New Metal Leader" appeal to everyone? Absolutely not. The album is rooted in our past, although the production is very much in the here and now (handled by Tarek Maghary of Majesty). As anything associated with Manowar, there is a certain amount of "cheese" involved that is glorious for fans and silly for those on the outside. It is hard not to get caught up in the majesty and mayhem once the guitars start cranking and a few earthshaker screams are let loose to quiver the foundations.

Those that have left behind the battlefields and apocalyptic influences of 80s power metal might be less enchanted with Ross The Boss' new album. It's unoriginal, not very deep beyond the surface thrill and is simply a metal assault, although a very good one. Everyone else though, that have craved a little blood and guts with their power and glory should be excited to sink their teeth into this nu-classic metal disc.

Written by Alanna
Monday, September 15, 2008
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Comment by gizmo (Member) - Saturday, September 20, 2008
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He did however play in both Heyday and Manitoba´s wild Kingdom for a few years in the 90ties.

Both albums is recommendable as good rock stuff but nowhere near metal.

Just ordered the album yesterday and looking forward to it :0)

Posted by gizmo
Saturday, September 20, 2008

Review by Alanna

Released by
AFM - 2008

1. I.L.H.
2. Blood Of Knives
3. I Got The Right
4. Death & Glory
5. Plague Of Lies
6. God Of Dying
7. May The Gods Be With You
8. Constantines Sword
9. We Will Kill
10. Matador
11. Immortal Son

Supplied by AFM

Power metal

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