Martin Page - In The Temple Of The Muse
Southampton boy Martin Page is something of a legend in the Melodic Rock world.
He's written for and/or played with A list rock musicians John Waite, Robbie (The Band) Robertson, Diane Warren, Bruce Hornsby, Jason Scheff , Richie Zito, Cher, Peter Wolf etc etc. Specifically, he knocked off a couple of worldwide hits in the eighties. Starship's 'We Built This City' and Heart's 'These Dreams'. Both were written with Elton John's equally legendary writing partner (and fellow Brit), Bernie Taupin.

But for real aficionados, it was Page's 1995 solo album, 'In The House Of Stone And Light' that carved out a permanent place in the affections of AOR fans everywhere. 
That album was a bona fide, unreconstructed Adult Rock masterwork. Full of grown up sentiments, subtle tunes and understated arrangements, it struck a chord with many fans of the genre, who, ironically, felt disenfranchised from rock by the advent of grunge.
'In The Temple Of The Muse' carries on from that release without missing a beat. This is Page sifting through the fragments of his life, finding purpose, finding meaning and yes, cliché or not, finding love.
His writing, production and performance combine the wit and imagination of Peter Gabriel with the vision of Daniel Lanois, and put that combination to work on a clutch of sinuously catchy tunes.
Opener, 'I Guess I Will', is an elegant, graceful melodic rock song, setting out Page's stall. Dreamy textures and floating melodies are peppered with radiant bursts of guitar and shimmering, chiming keyboards, transporting us to another world, where unashamed romanticism is the order of the day.
'Try' and 'Blessed' are stamped out from the same template. Lush, with gossamer melodies and gorgeously understated arrangements, joining together moments of wistful solitude and philosophical musings.
The truly mesmerising latinesque ballad, 'Mi Morena' has deservedly been covered by David Foster's wunderkind, Josh Groban.
The same floating splendour is evident on the edgier 'Man In The Moon'. More accessible, more radio friendly but with that same cool, mellow groove, this is perhaps the album's standout track.
It doesn't end there. 'The Long Walk Home' and 'Song For Ruth' have a spare, streamlined energy, burning slowly yet flaring brightly with insight at the right times.
Page's music may be highly unfashionable, but it doesn't come much classier than this.

Written by Brian
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
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Comment by LittlePrincess (Member) - Monday, August 4, 2008
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Hey Brian =D

I can't agree more with you, great descriptions for his music and songs!

Too bad you didn't cover the last two songs, for they especially deserve to be listed here.

When Johnny Sang the Blues is also a testimony to this romantic world where Martin is leading us. Next to Man in the Moon, it's the best production on his album.

Where the Sun is Buried is a typical song that leaves us something to think about; wondering whether history will repeat itself.

All in all, it's spiritual splendor.

Thanks for reading,

- Peter

Posted by LittlePrincess
Monday, August 4, 2008

Review by Brian

Released by
Ironing Board Records - 2008

I Guess I Will
Everything You Do
Mi Morena
Man In The Moon
Long Walk Home
Song For Ruth
When Johnny Sang The Blues
Where The Sun Is Buried

Melodic rock / soft rock

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