H.E.A.T. - Heat
Totally and absolutely untainted by any kind of contemporary influence, except maybe rising production values, Sweden's Heat have successfully plunder the eighties on this, their eponymous debut album.

Released on Peter Stormare's Stormvox label, 'Heat' has swallowed that whole Survivor, Night Ranger, Journey ethic, lock stock and ballads, regurgitating it in the form of dynamic, tight knit melodic rock.
While many fans of the genre like their AOR to be laced with post grunge realism, many just as much prefer an undiluted homage to the music's glory years.
This clearly falls into the latter category.
The music is high toned, warm, with just enough of a ragged edge to give it character and credibility. The songs come armed with sharply written, heart shaped hooks and vertiginous choruses, all bathed in the light of the band's unconditional love of the genre. 
Each track is solidly constructed within a guitar driven framework, with a few reaching for what Mark Mangold famously called that "awesome melodic moment".

The hot blooded ballad, 'Cry' and the energetic, pulse quickening 'Follow Me' grasp that moment and hold on tight. The latter - a truly magnificent listen - being an unequivocal front runner for track of 2008 when the votes begin to roll.
Elsewhere, there are a few lapses into formula, but the music studiously avoids cliché while capturing all the right moves. All the pieces that should be there are there, and they all fit. Perfectly.
'There For You' is a suitably apposite opener, precise and powerful, driven by a euphoric axe motif, that comes to an abrupt and rapturous end. 'Never Let Go' and 'Feel It Again' showcase Kenny Leckremo's vocals. Bombastic, sinewy and uncompromising, they just crackle with kinetic energy, often recalling Danny Vaughn and Jimi Jamison.

Closer 'Feel The Heat' is a compelling combination of all that has come before. A fist pumping, combative rock song mainlining on melodramatic, pomp tinged melodies, with more than a touch of 'Eye Of The Tiger' era Survivor coursing through its swollen veins.
No question, this is an outstanding debut, making Heat a band to watch.

Written by Brian
Saturday, May 3, 2008
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Review by Brian

Released by
Stormvox Records - 2008

There For You
Never Let Go
Late Night Lady
Keep On dreaming
Follow Me
Straight For Your Heart
Feel It Again
Straight Up
Bring The Stars
You're Lying
Feel The Heat

Melodic Rock

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