Nasty Idols - Vicious
"Cruel Intention" is considered Nasty Idols' finest work. The follow-up "Vicious" didn't receive as much attention when it was released in October 1993 since the times were changing.

Just a couple of weeks prior Nirvana had released "In Utero" and sleaze rock was definitely not a priority at the labels. However, you can't keep a good thing down and "Vicious" is a high quality record packed with great attitude filled sleaze rock.

Nasty Idols' formula is simple and effective; raw in your face vocals and crunchy sharp guitars all over the record. Compared to Nasty Idols' earlier stuff "Vicious" has no keyboards and in general sounds rawer. The album also shows a little darker side to the band compared to "Cruel Intention"

"Vicious" might not contain as many stand-out tracks as "Cruel intention" but the record is a solid, raw and heavy album. The listener is treated to 13 consistent hard pumping Sleaze rock song with only the ballad No time to Cry to break the Swedish sleaze bombardment. Heads Down (in Tinseltown), Dance of the Wicked, Ain't Got Nothing, No Time and Do You want another are all found on Nasty Idols new greatest hits record.

Do You Want another is a shining in your face rocker with a great bridge that leads to the sing-a long party chorus. No Time is an acoustic driven ballad with a Cinderella cowboy feel to it. The stripped back arrangement underlines Andy Pierce's skills as a great songwriter.

The up-tempo R.I.P. can fire up any party. Guitarist Pete Espinoza choice of tones is tasteful. Espinoza's rhythm playing is aggressive and he spices most songs with great fills and leads.

I have a soft spot for the bouncing Pretty Cut wild and Electric Wonderland. The chorus for Blackshot sums up most of the ingredients of the scene at the time.

Singer Andy Pierce is a sleaze singer by the grace of god. His raw voice suits this style of music perfectly.

Like Bassist Dick Qwarfort said in a recent interview with RevelationZ Magazine: "Our type of music is back again, we never thought it was gone and the media can't keep a good thing down forever. The band thought it was a perfect time to get in those old rags again"

Vicious" is just re-released on the Swedmetal label in a remastered edition. The CD is labeled with a mark that says "Swedish classic Sleaze Rock" and that actually says it all about this record.

Written by Michael
Monday, August 7, 2006
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Review by Michael

Released by
HSM Records - 1993

1. Heads Down (Tinseltown)
2. Hellhouse
3. Dance Of The Wicked
4. Ain't Got Nothin'
5. R.I.P
6. Pretty Cut Wild
7. Blackshot
8. No Time
9. Killing Stuff
10. Do Ya' Want Another
11. Hellout Shakeout
12. Electric Wonderland
13. Over n' Gone

Re-issue released on Swedmetal

Supplied by Swedmetal Records


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