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Ouch, this one's gonna hurt. You have read my reviews praising the classic records of Operation:Mindcrime and Empire; and you read my near condemnation of Tribe, well here is another one to near condemn, well partially at least.

Having evolved into different territories over the years, heading from a complete monstrosity of phenomenal achievements, then heading south with weaker albums since the mid 90's, Queensryche offers up yet another live offering coming off some of those weaker albums. Containing six cuts from last years Tribe, including the title track, "Desert Dance," and "Rhythm of Hope," as well as more recent material such as "Sign of the Times" from 1997's Hear in the Now Frontier, probably the first "sign" of weakness for the band. There are acoustic performances for both "Roads to Madness" and "My Global Mind" as well as songs that you might not ordinarily be placed on a live record, tracks like the dark thumping "Della Brown" and the mystical "Anybody Listening" are present, but putting "Best I Can" at the end of the record, just does not work too well.

The magic is not all lost, the musicianship is still tight with the Tate/ Stone/ Richardson/ Jackson/ Rockenfield lineup at the helms, but Tate's vocals sound too nasal and almost nervous at times. All kidding aside,

Operation:Livecrime, The live concert portion of the reissue of the self titled album, the live performances in Building Empires, and even Live Evolution fit better for a "live" appetite of Queensryche, but if you enjoyed the Tribe tour or record, you might want to give this one a spin.

Written by Hashman
Thursday, June 24, 2004
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Comment by C Koski (Anonymous) - Saturday, June 26, 2004
I've stuck with Queensryche through their "experimenting" and defended their creativity for the last 5 years, but, personally, I'm done. This may not be the most eloquent evalutation of a record ever, but, simply, this disc is crap. After listening to it, I took it, Tribe, and Q2K to the nearest used CD store and sold them. I didn't think it was possible for Geoff Tate to sound stale and bored. For me, his name was once synonymous with excellence. In my juvenile high school days, when we saw something very cool, we would say it was "Geoff Tate." Queensryche has achieved greatness in the past, but this is unbearable.

Review by Hashman

Released by
Mayan/Sanctuary - 2004

1- Tribe
2- Sign of the Times
3- Open
4- Losing Myself
5- Desert Dance
6- Great Divide
7- Rhythm of Hope
8- My Global Mind
9- Roads to Madness
10- Della Brown
11- Anybody Listening
12- Breaking the Silence
13- The Needle Lies
14- Best I Can

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Millennium Queensryche

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